A Golden Makeover

Happy Wednesday, friends! I hope everyone is having a great week so far. I am currently busy making packing lists and deciding what to bring on our European honeymoon happening soon! What are you up to?

Today, I wanted to share a super easy DIY that can transform something that might not be your style into something you can’t wait to display! My mom gave me two squirrel statues that I liked, but there was something about them that didn’t go well when I put them display. I considered gifting them to another sorority sister (squirrels are my sorority‘s mascot) or donating them. Instead, I decided to make them over into something I love!


  • Item(s) to make over  (squirrel statues in my case)
  • Spray paint in your color of choice (I picked gold because *swoon* loving gold right now)
  • Newspaper or paper bags to spray paint on and a well ventilated room (or just go outside like I did!)

Golden Makeover Squirrels and Gold Spray PaintI cleaned my squirrels with a cloth and toothbrush to be sure there was no dust or dirt in the crevices.

Golden Makeover Squirrel #2 in Process Golden Makeover Squirrel #1 in Process

I ended up doing three to four coats, allowing the statue to dry in between coats and turning to be sure  I was getting all of the sides including under!

GoldenMakeover07 GoldenMakeover08

After allowing them to dry, the squirrels were ready! I have to say that I absolutely love them now and think they are so much more versatile in terms of home decoration now.

GoldenMakeover04What do you have around your house that you don’t quite love that needs a makeover? I encourage you to think outside of the box and make something over so you *love* it!

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