ATX Blogger Mixer & Stitch Fix Rooftop Soiree


About a week and a half ago, I joined several other Austin bloggers at the third ATX Blogger Mixer, hosted by Jesse Coulter and Erica Louie Lomax. We met at Cover 3 on West 6th, and boy did they spoil us! The first 25 bloggers to arrive received complimentary cocktails and the food was served family style while the speaker was talking. We were treated to everything from Seared Ahi Tuna to Buffalo Chicken Sliders, finishing off with a sampling of their amazing desserts. I can’t even begin to list everything we ate because it just kept coming out of the kitchen! The night was such a blur that I only took a few photos – so I borrowed some of the other attendees instagram photos!

Once everyone took their seats, our speaker for the evening took the floor. Jess Lively lives in Austin and currently blogs and has a podcast over at I had discovered Jess through one of the hosts, Jesse, when she was on the podcast, but hadn’t actually had a chance to listen before hearing Jess speak at the mixer. (Since then, I’ve been listening to past episodes on my lovely 45 minute commute to work – they’re amazing!)

Jess took the opportunity of speaking at this mixer to talk about purpose. It is a subject that been very close to my heart, especially over the past few months. Since moving to Austin, I’ve struggled with what exactly my purpose is. I lived in Virginia for 24 years and knew what I was doing there. I started grad school with a specific intention of pursuing volunteer management for the Smithsonian. I even spent my summer working with interns and volunteers at the Smithsonian Natural History Museum and knew that there were opportunities coming down the pipeline when I finished my master’s degree. When Roswell accepted his job offer in Austin, that all changed. I was leaving a secure job to move someplace I knew no one and didn’t already have another job lined up. It was terrifying. I struggled a lot with finding my purpose now that my situation had completely changed. Despite now having found a job that I’ve settling in, the question of purpose still nags on my mind.

The main message I gathered from Jess was that your purpose should be to serve others where you are. You can do this in a variety of ways and it doesn’t even need to be in all aspects of your life. I think that there are still questions in my mind about my specific purpose or rather how I’m living that purpose but I’m starting to feel more confident in my direction. Jess talked about an intention exercise on her website and that’s definitely something I’ll be looking into! After Jess had finished up, Jesse and Erica had some giveaways from amazing sponsors!

From the Blogger Mixer, several of the ladies hopped in their cars and made their way over to the…

Stitch Fix Rooftop Soiree

I had received an email from the Stitch Fix Influencers team back at the end of April that said I would be receiving an official paperless post invite… which never arrived. Sad faces. I had already RSVPed for the Mixer and didn’t worry about RSVPing for another event, as I was already entertaining family in town that week. Well, I decided to tag along when some of the gals from the mixer said they were going. Boy, am I glad I did! It was really nice being able to see the new Stitch Fix office, meet some of the stylists working in Austin as well as some of the Influencers team from San Francisco. They had a photographer, Andy Sams, at the event and his images turned out amazing!

Photo by Andy Sams by Andy Sams Photo by Andy Sams Photo by Andy Sams Photo by Andy Sams

They had racks of clothing and accessories and gave all of the attendees a chance to “play stylist” I styled this amazing bold blue dress with great circular cutouts with a denim jacket, camel wristlet, gold necklace and gold and coral earrings.

Tried my hand at Stitch Fix styling!

After chatting with the stylists and the Influencers team, I did have to head home finally. As I was heading towards the door, they handed me an amazing swag bag and asked if I was already a Stitch Fix client. “Of course,” I responded “I’m only wearing head to toe Stitch Fix – I LOVE IT – I even wore Stitch Fix for my anniversary photos.” And I pulled out my phone to show her my phone background. She immediately said I had to show my photo and talk to Cotille. When I showed Cotille my background, she said, “Ohmygod, that is you?! You’re our winner!” Apparently, they had just had a meeting and my picture had been one of the topics of discussion for #stitchfixfriday. We had a few selfie moments and talked all about the photo and the session. I was so glad that I was able to attend the event, just because of this surprise! I was patiently waiting until the last Friday of month to see if it was true (for some reason, it could have been a trick – I’m the perpetual pessimist!) But I was excited to see this Instagram, this past Friday:

I can’t wait to share more of the photos from our anniversary session – I have a post planned in the next few weeks! Overall, it was a surprising and fulfilling night of great events! I keep trying to push myself out of my comfort zone. As an introvert, I spend a lot of time by myself in order to recharge. I’m pretty shy, but know that getting out there and meeting and getting to know new people is the only way to get over it. Plus, making some friends in Austin would always be welcome! (If you’re in Austin and want to grab a coffee or a drink, I’d love to chat!)

Photo by Andy Sams

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