August Goals


As I said yesterday, I wanted to share some small monthly goals today. I have not be seeing the progress in my personal training that I would like to and really I haven’t been seeing the growth in my life in general that I would like to. There are goals that I’d like to meet, like getting a personal record in my half marathon, that aren’t as simple as just training. I need to make sure that I’m eating food that’s healthy, getting enough sleep and having a positive attitude. I find that some areas can be excellent but another area is suffering – no goals are being achieved when there’s not balance.

Start a Bullet Journal

This is my first goal – simply because it has to do with a lot of my other goals. I’m starting small this month – just two different trackers:

Take control of my eating

I haven’t been completely satisfied with my progress with my personal trainer. However, I know I’m putting in the work because I’m definitely getting stronger and upping my weights. My problem is with the progress I see in the mirror. I know that I have been a little too relaxed with my eating and this is impacting the progress I would like to see. A few of my problems that I notice the most: I make a few too many visits to the office candy stash, I rely on fast food options on campus when I don’t pack my lunch, and I could replace the few sodas I do drink with more water.

I will be using my bullet journal to track these along with a few of my other daily habit goals.

Track my Moods

The second tracker I’ll be using in my bullet journal is a mood tracker. I often find myself looking back over the past month wondering where time has gone (raise your hand if I’m not alone here! 🙋). At the end of a week, my husband might say that he’s sorry that I had a bad week and I thought it was a good week but I can’t always remember exactly. I’d like to use this tracker to watch my mood over the month – are there certain times during the month that I’m more like to be stressed or sad, etc.

That’s it for August – I’m starting small with my goals: simply to start good habits.

7 thoughts on “August Goals

  1. crystalsandcurls says:

    Good luck! I definitely need to set a few of those trackers up in my journal; currently I have a sleep tracker and a breakfast tracker 🙂 The mood one definitely seems like a great idea!xx

  2. Jess says:

    The days definitely fly by for me too, and I have a hard time remembering how I actually felt when I try to look back. I hope the mood tracker helps! The one you shared a picture of looks super cool!

    • heathermundwiler says:

      Yes! And (sadly) even on day two, I’m noticing correlations – like not completing some habits might have something to do with a bad mood. I hoping it’ll provide more insights by the end of the month!

  3. Chaitali says:

    I started using a bullet journal earlier in the year and I really like it. I definitely feel like it helps. I hadn’t heard of the idea of a mood tracker before, that’s a great idea!

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