Run a Faster 5K: Fit Foodie Run Week 4

You know what is not awesome two weeks before your race? Getting a poison sumac rash. Ugh I have been dealing with an awful rash from working in the yard a few weeks ago (who knew it could take two weeks for a reaction to show?!). Unfortunately, I’ve missed some runs as I’m been recovering. I think it will be a slow recovery (up to two weeks) – but I’ve got medication and I’m on the mend.

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Run a Faster 5K: Fit Foodie Run Week 3

Having such a great week last week, I wasn’t necessarily surprised when this week was more of a struggle. I didn’t miss any of my runs, but they weren’t easy by any means. I think there are always ebbs and flows with a training cycle. I often find myself re-reading the wise words of 2018 Boston Marathon champion, Des Linden:

So I kept reminding myself that I just need to show up. As I mentioned earlier this year, I wanted to remind myself that I’m only going to improve if I actually put in the work.

How do you motivate yourself through a rough training period?

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Run a Faster 5K: Fit Foodie Run Week 2

I had a great week in training – I managed all of my runs (even though I didn’t feel great about one of them) and I continued foam rolling so my knee is on mend – it is feeling so much better!

I’m on my own for weight training this week since my trainer is studying for finals – but it’ll give me an opportunity to head back to Bodypump and try some new classes. Plus I’d like to try to get back to yoga again at least once. I’m also excited to head to New York this weekend to visit my friend Natalie and run my first race in Central Park – we’ll be running the 4 mile Japan Run. Anyone else going to be there?

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Run a Faster 5K: Fit Foodie Run Week 1

Last week, I started my training for the Fit Foodie 5K on June 2 (before I really start training for the Chicago Marathon). My goal is always to run faster, so I jumped on Pinterest for a 6 week plan to do just that. I settled on this “Run a Faster 5K” plan from Popsugar:

(There’s also a plan if this your first 5K, in case you’re new to running or getting started after a break!)

I chose the Faster 5K plan, because I knew I would like to work on my speed for the Chicago Marathon but I wanted to start slowly. I liked the mix of tempo runs (which I haven’t done much of) and intervals (which I love) in this plan. I already have two days of strength training built in with my personal training, and I’m always looking to add in yoga when I can.

I only missed one run this week, due to some aches in my knee. My knee is crackling a little more than I would like, so I’m adding some glucosamine and chondroitin to my vitamin regimen and some hip exercises and more foam rolling to my routine in hopes to ward of anything more serious.

Any tips and tricks to share for an achy knee?

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Friday Five: Reasons to Run the Fit Foodie 5K

I’m so excited to join the team as a 2018 Fit Foodie Run ambassador! I ran the Austin Fit Foodie 5K for the first time back in 2015 and had an awesome time at the race and an even better time at the post race festival!

This year, the Fit Foodie Run (and AMAZING post race festival) will be in 4 locations around the country:
🍍Fairfax, VA – June 2 (this is the one I’m running!)
🍉Austin, TX – June 23
🍊 Denver, CO – July 28
🍓 San Diego, CA – October 20th

For my Friday Five, I thought I would share my top reasons to run the Fit Foodie Run this year!

Food + Fitness

The Fit Foodie Run is all about the combination of a healthy lifestyle and delicious food – something I can definitely get behind. (…#WILLRUNFORFOOD)

No Kid Hungry

I’m excited about Fit Foodie Run’s continuing partnership with the No Kid Hungry campaign, which connects kids in need with nutritious food and teaches their families how to cook healthy, affordable meals. The campaign also engages the public to make ending child hunger a national priority. Recently, my sorority announced their new national philanthropic focus of Fighting Hunger and I’m excited to contribute to this mission through the Fit Foodie Run.

Post Race Food & Fitness Festival

The post run Food & Fitness Festival features bites from local restaurants, beer garden, mini-workout classes, cooking demonstrations, and more.

Last year, runners in Fairfax had the opportunity to meet Des Linden and Ryan Hall. I mean, 2018 Boston Marathon Winner DES LINDEN! How cool is that? I don’t know who will be there this year, but I’m looking forward to their announcement!


You can use code HEATHERFF for $5 off of your registration for any of the Fit Foodie cities:
Fairfax,  Austin, Denver, and San Diego!What city would you like to run the Fit Foodie 5K in?
Find Fit Foodie Run on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram!

I’m joining Running on Happy & Fairytales and Fitness for their Friday Five 2.0 linkup!

2018 Credit Union Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run

I can’t believe April is nearly over and I’m just now able to sit down and write about the 2018 Credit Union Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run over two weeks after it happened. I was lucky enough this year to be recruited to the social media team as the Instagram lead and have been working hard since October! My training for the race itself hit a snag when I got sick during the winter and never was able to pick back up at the level I would have liked. By the time the race rolled around, I was a little worried about being able to complete the race. But I built some confidence after my last few long runs and knew, while it wouldn’t be pretty, I would be able to complete the 10 miles.

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Credit Union Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run: Week 3

Despite only running twice this week, I do feel more accomplished! In addition to those two runs, I went to yoga once, personal training, body pump and spent some time on the elliptical. So overall, I feel pretty good about what I did this week. Especially with the cold and flu floating around our office, I’ve been waking up with a sore throat nearly every day. But since it’s stayed above my neck and out of my chest, I’ve continued running and working out, making sure to head to bed early as I can (which is really hard to do with the Olympics!).

Do you workout when you’re not feeling well? 
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