Cherry Blossom Training – Week 3


Training is going pretty steadily after week three. I’m happy with building my long run distance; however, I’d also like to slowly build up my weekly mileage as well. I would like to add an additional day of running in the week, but just a short distance. Time is definitely at a premium though, so I want to make sure I’m getting enough rest as well. I’m still working on foam rolling and stretching daily – sometimes my bed is just calling my name too loudly at night!

Monday 2/6: 1.05 mi on lateral elliptical (15:00) plus some strength training (SL squats, SL deadlifts, hip bridges, clamshells) and foam rolling/stretching

Tuesday 2/7: AM: Pilates Fitness (60:00)

wp-1486727851889.jpgRUNCH: 1.85 mi (28:11) 15:14 min/mi


I did some laps at the track on campus at lunch because I knew I would be heading downtown after work for the Medstar Sports Educational Seminar “Common Running Injuries and Options for Training Through Them“. I did the following sort of workout: half mile warmup, [200m run with 200m recovery, 400m run with 400m recovery] x2, half mile cool down. My splits were: 1:13, 2:17, 1:06, 2:18.

The seminar was very interesting, and I learned more about some injuries I wasn’t aware of (I’m looking at you, patellofemoral syndrome). Thank you to Dr. Matthew Maxwell and Tyler Allee from Medstar!

Wednesday 2/8: REST

Thursday 2/9: Barbell Strength (60:00)

Friday 2/10: 1.68 mi (28:01) 16:40 min/mi, plus another 0.28 mi walking, then stretch & foam roll

Saturday 2/11: Yin Yoga (60:00)wp-1486985657374.jpg

On Saturday, I also weighed in for the Lifetime Fitness 60 day challenge. It ends right after Cherry Blossom and I’m hoping it will help motivate me to keep up my training! I chose the Transformation category, hoping to concentrate on more strength training, rather than just losing weight. wp-1486985640981.jpg

Sunday 2/12: 5.62 mi (1:14:20) 13:14 min/mi

This week’s run wasn’t awesome to start – I was struggling with my handheld water bottle and waist pack and it was raining. I just wasn’t feeling it and I was slacking off a bit more than normal. I did up my run-walk ratio to 3:1. However, around 3 and half miles I met up with Christine and I tagged along with her. She had a great pace that I felt like I could maintain, even without the walk breaks. It was really nice to run with someone instead of by myself and she even said I helped her as well. Hopefully we’ll be able to run together again!

Total mileage for the week: 9.44 mi running-  I was shooting for 10 miles this week. I will need to brainstorm some ways to add in a bit more mileage. It’s hard for me to do longer (time) runs, so my goals this week are to add an additional shorter run.

My goals for this week don’t look too different from last week, just some tweaks!

  • Foam rolling and stretch for 30 minutes DAILY!
  • Run 3 to 4 times, including 1 speed workout
  • Try to make 2 yoga classes and 2 strength training classes this week

What are your goals this week?


Did you know that the Credit Union Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run Social Media team is raising money for Credit Unions for Kids, supporting Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals? I have a personal goal to raise $250 towards our team goal of $2,500 – will you help me?

Linking up this week with the Weekly Wrap, hosted by Hoho Runs and MissSippiPiddlin!


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