Cherry Blossom Training – Week 4


It’s recovery week for Cherry Blossom training – the one and only in this training program! So runs are a little bit slower, more rest is taken, etc. I have to say I’m so glad this was a recovery week, because otherwise I had no excuse for over sleeping every morning. I’m not sure what it was about this week, but I couldn’t manage to make it the gym once in morning. I still went after work, but it’s more crowded and I didn’t reach my goal of 2 yoga and 2 strength classes (just one of each this week).

I did run three times, including a speed workout at the track, as well as cross trained on the elliptical, so I’ll call that a win. I’m still struggling to make time for foam rolling and stretching. Anyone have any tips in incorporating that into my routine?

Monday 2/13: Yoga Basics (60:00)


Tuesday 2/14: Elliptical 2.62 miles (35:00) and foam rolling & stretching

I really didn’t want to work out today – as Roswell, I was so close to throwing a fit like a small child. But he placated me by giving me his ear phones so I could watch Fixer Upper on the elliptical. What a guy.

Wednesday 2/15: 2.93 miles (42:55) 14:38 min/mi

3 chilly miles around campus after work! I did the following run walk interval ratio: Jog 200 yards, Walk 200 yards, Jog 400 yards, Walk 400 yards.


Thursday 2/16: Fitness Pilates (60:00)

Oh man, y’all. I did not like this class. The instructor makes a huge difference and I was not feeling the evening class. It was very different from the morning from structure to music to just the exercises we were doing. The whole class seemed to lack energy and I feel like the instructor got a better workout than anyone in the class since she was constantly out of breath.

Friday 2/17: 1.86 mi (27:55) 15:02 min/mi


I got back out on the track at lunch on Friday and I did the same sort of workout as last week: half mile warmup, [200m run with 200m recovery, 400m run with 400m recovery] x2, half mile cool down. My splits were: 1:05, 2:08, 1:01, 2:03. I feel really great about those  since my goal was to simply maintain an even speed (and last week’s splits for reference were 1:13, 2:17, 1:06, 2:18).

Saturday 2/18: Rest

I went to see the Broadway musical Newsies which was showing in theatres – my friend Erin and I had gone up to New York to see the show on Broadway so we thought it would be fun to go see it at the movies together!

Sunday 2/19: 4.80 mi (1:02:23) 13:00 min/mi

A shorter recovery run this Sunday, but after running last week with Christine, I knew I had been selling myself short in my running. I’ve been letting myself get away with the run-walk for too long, when I know that I can run a mile or more without walking. So I set out to run (slowly) for this run and you know what, I did it. I ran all 4+ miles, with only a few stops to take pictures or wait for cars. Now I need to work these into my runs during the week, since my long runs are faster than my other runs.

Total mileage for the week: 9.59 miles running (12.52 if you count the elliptical)

My goals for this week don’t look too different from last week, just some tweaks!

  • Foam rolling and stretch DAILY!
  • Run 4 times, including 1 speed workout
  • Try to make 2 yoga classes and 2 strength training classes this week

What are your goals this week?


Did you know that the Credit Union Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run Social Media team is raising money for Credit Unions for Kids, supporting Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals? I have a personal goal to raise $250 towards our team goal of $2,500 – will you help me?

Linking up this week with the Weekly Wrap, hosted by Hoho Runs and MissSippiPiddlin!


2 thoughts on “Cherry Blossom Training – Week 4

  1. HoHo Runs says:

    If you like to watch TV at night, you could try foam rolling and stretching then. You should be very proud of yourself for getting to the gym in the evenings! I’m not sure I would have been that dedicated after missing my preferred morning routine. Congrats on running the whole time on your 4 mile run! Thanks for linking, Heather!

  2. says:

    Oh no you face in the picture tells it all. I’ve so been there, it is amazing how an instructor can make or break the class!
    Seeing your foam rolling picture and daily goals sure reminds me I need to get back into this habit before it bites me in the butt!
    Thanks for linking up!

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