Cherry Blossom Training – Week 8

We are just 10 days away from race day! When you do start to prepare for your races? I’m starting to think about how I’m getting to the starting line (especially since the Metro will not be opening early for the race), how I want to tackle the expo and all of the fun events happening race weekend! I also am thinking about preparing my body with lots of rest, water and stretching.

I’ve spent the last few days this week getting ready and then moving into our new house. Unfortunately, my training hasn’t been that awesome the last few weeks. I find that I have a tendency to do this in a training program – especially around the middle of a typical 16 week half or full marathon plan. With the Cherry Blossom training program only lasting ten weeks, this lack of effort is falling right before the race. Hopefully now that we’re settled into the new house, I can get out there and make the last week and a half count!

Monday 3/13:  Nadda.

Tuesday 3/14: Snow Day!


Wednesday 3/15: Elliptical 4.56 miles (60:31) wp-1490279832023.jpg

The sidewalks were too icy for my planned run, so I hung out on the elliptical for a while.

Thursday 3/16: Sidewalks still icy around our apartment so no run

Friday 3/17: Nadda.


Saturday 3/18: Spent a majority of packing to get ready for our move on Monday!

Sunday 3/19: 6 miles 

My watch didn’t seem to transfer my data to Connect, so I’ll have to update those numbers above a little later. But, this was a painful run – my lack of running lately was showing. It was also cold and rainy when we started, but warmed up and I wasn’t dressed properly. I ran the first two, two and a half miles but walked the remaining distance.

Total mileage for the week: 10 miles (with elliptical crossing training)

My goal for this week:

  • Ugh. Go for a run more than once?
    • Find my motivation?
      • Ugh.

How do you motivate yourself if you’ve lost your mojo during your training cycle? When do you start preparing for race day? 


Did you know that the Credit Union Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run Social Media team is raising money for Credit Unions for Kids, supporting Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals? I have a personal goal to raise $250 towards our team goal of $2,500 – will you help me?

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