Credit Union Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run: Race Recap

3BlackCatCo_CUCB_RaceRecapWhat an amazing day for a run! While the weather was a bit chilly while we waited for the race to start, it turned into  a beautiful day to run the Credit Union Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run. Roswell and I arrived downtown around 6AM to meet up with my mom and brother. We made a pitstop and decided where to meet after the race, then we were off to our corrals shortly after 7AM.

FB_IMG_1491145404521I started in the Purple Corral, where I finally met Christina aka runDisneyBelle of Glass Slipper Chronicles! I’ve been following Christina for a little bit as a fellow RunDisney fan and I was looking forward to meeting her since we both live in the DC area!

I also met up with Christine from the PR Training Programs – we talked last week about running the race together since we paced each other so well during our training. The race started with the elite women at 7:18, with the rest of the corrals starting at 7:30. Finally around 7:54, we made it to the start line and took off!



We started heading towards the Lincoln Memorial and Memorial Bridge with a packed field. Cherry Blossom is known for a great turn out and there were a ton of people running. I lost Christina ahead of me and Christine behind me at some point, but there were always people around so I definitely wasn’t running on my own!

I hit Mile 5 in 1:00:26 and I thought under 2 hour might be within reach. The first few miles flew but I knew that I was going out way too fast and I should slow down. Unfortunately, my body didn’t listen and I paid for it later in the race. And then we headed down Hains Point… dreaded Hains Point.

It was actually fairly peaceful and quiet, but during a race, that’s not necessarily what you need. I was at a 12:09 pace heading into Hains Point:


I call this one “Jazz hands”

And then 12:29 average pace after Hains Point.

Knowing that I was definitely going to finish under the cut off time, but not under 2 hours, I spent the time on Hains Point appreciating the DJ, band and Percussion Band that had come out to support the runners and keep them heading towards the finish line.

As a side note, knowing that the half I’ll be aiming to PR this fall is nearly identical to the Cherry Blossom course (you know, with an extra 5K), I want to conquer Hains Point. I see many Hains Point Training runs in my future summer plans.


The spectators from mile 9 to the finish were AMAZING. I saw the November Project, the District Running Collective, PR Training Program coaches, and more. They definitely carried me up that last hill and to the finish line and I was so happy to see the Washington Monument!


I finished in 2:04:57 – which was my A Goal of 2:05! Overall, I felt kinda crummy, simply because I let that sub-2 slip away, but I know that I can chase that time next year.



I’m already looking forward to CUCB2018! I’ve had such an amazing time as a Cherry Blossom Race Ambassador. I would highly recommend to ANYONE to apply – it’s a blast!


Did you run the Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run – how did you do?! Don’t forget to link up at the CUCB Blog! 

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  1. Coco says:

    Congrats on meeting your goal! I think training runs on Hains Point are a good idea, but that’s one local route I wouldn’t do by myself because it can get so isolated.

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