Disneyland Double Dare 2017: Half Marathon Race Recap

IMG_20170903_041832_062After another early night, we were up before the sun again and getting ready for the second part of our Double Dare challenge. While waiting for the 10K on Saturday, the temperature wasn’t too bad – in the 70s – which was a nice change from the temperature at home. The moment we stepped out of our hotel room Sunday morning, we could feel the difference. There was absolutely no breeze and it was several degrees warmer than the day before.

I didn’t necessarily pick the best outfit for running in sunny 90° weather, with my all black costume. With the Toy Story theme, I wanted to find a great character to represent on the course – and immediately fell in love with Wheezy!  3bcc_disneylandhalf_wheezycostume

While we were waiting in the corrals, there was a lot of chatter going on about how warm it was and whether or not the race directors would shorten the race or even more extreme, cancel altogether. At 5:00am, the race start time, there was a short delay while the race announcers left the stage – I heard a rumor that there was a medical emergency on the course somewhere, but at 5:07, we finally got the race started with corral A!


Roswell started in B corral for this race and like the day before, he was through the Castle and down Main Street USA basically before my corral even started.

At 5:28, our corral was off! I didn’t take nearly as many photos during the half as I did during the 10K – my goal for the half was to finish and get my Coast to Coast medal! Started the race using 2:1 Run walk intervals and then switched to 1:1 later in the race – time was definitely not my goal, just finishing strong.


We had a slightly different course through the parks than the day before, but I’m still amazed at the amount of park time here.

I was really impressed with the number of water stops that they had on the course. While I didn’t keep count, it did seem to me that there were more out on the course than listed on the map. I took water at every water stop, either to sip, fill up my water bottle or dump over my head.


One of the parts Roswell was most looking forward to was running through Angel’s Stadium.


Despite the weather, Roswell had a strong finish and quite literally flew over the finish line.

As I entered Angels Stadium, I took a moment to think about how thankful I was that we had cloud cover during a majority of the race. I didn’t notice the sun come out until mile 11 – I can’t imagine the misery that would have added to this race!

I noticed at the water stop after mile 11 that the race had moved from yellow flag conditions to red flag conditions. Afterwards, I heard that runners were given the choice to skip Angels Stadium because of the heat.

Thankfully the last few miles passed quickly – I can’t say they flew but I certainly made it through! I was incredibly happy to see that finish line! I’ll say that Southern California is no place for a penguin like Wheezy!



Later that evening, Roswell and I celebrated our accomplishment at the World of Color dessert party. After our last experience with the World of Color, I knew I wanted to do something special to have a better experience and though the dessert party would be a great way to enjoy the show and be off of our feet! The desserts were so good, but really so much that we basically had an entire plate of dessert left between the two of us.

The next day, we stopped by the Partners Statue and Sleeping Beauty Castle to show off our ten runDisney medals from this year.

This weekend went entirely too quickly and I wish we could have spent a few more days soaking in the atmosphere. I am already trying to figure out when we can find our way to the west coast again – I hope that runDisney figures out the future of the west coast races soon!

Race Recap: RunDisney Double Dare Challenge Half Marathon 2017 [3 Black Cat Co.]

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