Dopey Challenge 2017: 10K

With the Disneyland Half Marathon weekend rapidly approaching, I figured I would finally finish my race recaps for the other half of our Coast-to-Coast Challenge. I shared my Walt Disney World 5K race recap back in January… so August seems like a great time to finally share the rest of the weekend.

While I fully admit to telling Roswell and my brother what to wear for the 5K, you can imagine our surprise when we took a look at our running gear as we got ready to head out the door for the 10K on Friday morning. I think that we clearly were all channeling our inner-Minnie!


While we were waiting that morning, we decided to kill some time by waiting in line for a photo with Dopey. Minnie was also there but we decided that we would see her in parks, whereas Dopey doesn’t meet in the park.


Before we knew it, we were off to the Corrals – with Roswell and I in D and my brother close behind in E.



The race starts in the parking lot and takes the LONG route around the highway before entering World Showcase exactly like the 5K before. However, instead of just looping around the International Gateway, we headed towards the Boardwalk, Beach Club and Yacht Resorts. The sunrise over the Boardwalk was beautiful and before we knew it we were heading back into Epcot. 20170106_070504

My brother hamming it up for the camera:


Roswell doing Roswell things:

I had planned to make my stop at the Spaceship Earth my one photo for each race – but as most everyone knows, that didn’t work out for the Half marathon as I’ll write about next week.


The guys waited for me so we could grab another group photo with our medals. wdwrundisney_wdwmara10kmedalbackdrop5_20170106_791855397420170106_075653

Later that day, we visited Hollywood Studios and made a stop to show off our Minnie medals to the Mouse herself! studio_redcarpetbchar_20170106_7915712342studio_redcarpetbchar_20170106_7915709823

In case you miss the first three installments, you can read from the beginning:


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