Dopey Challenge 2017: 5K

20170105_035424 All four of us woke up dark and early (it was not even bright until after we finished running), and got ready for the 5K on Thursday morning. When we first registered for the challenge, I knew that the only race I could probably get Roswell and my brother to dress up for would be the 5K, so I immediately started thinking about what we could be. During an 8 mile treadmill run, I watched Hercules and I knew that was clearly going to be the inspiration for our DisneyBound costumes for the first race.  If you don’t know about DisneyBounding, I recommend checking out the DisneyBound queen Leslie Kay. Essentially, instead of a costume (because adults are banned from wearing costumes in Disney parks), you create an outfit inspired by a Disney character, place or even food! I pulled together a purple Megara outfit, we found Roswell a tan shirt and added tan wrist and  red head sweatbands for Hercules, and my brother wore all black and grey topped off with a blue hat for Hades. We tried to think of an outfit for my mom, but we ran out of time. Despite this, I was quite pleased with our group photo the morning of the race!


We hopped on one of the first buses leaving Art of Animation and were at Epcot by 4:30am. This left us with an hour and a half to look around and wait for the race to even start (let alone, wait for our corrals to leave!).We saw some amazing costumes like a 6-person monorail (complete with sound effects!), 101 Dalmatians & Cruella, and an awesome Hank & Becky, just to name a few!


According to my Garmin, we took off at 6:26am! We were in Corral D, but towards the back although I didn’t count the mini waves. I just wanted to take this race easy knowing (thinking) we still had 45.5 miles ahead of us in the next three days.



Roswell probably wanted to run away from me the entirety of the race, since I kept making him stop to walk and take photos. This photo is one of my favorite, simply because Roswell doesn’t hide at all how he’s feeling.


We finished in 43:25, which is not actually my slowest 5K, but that was kind of the point. Just enjoy the course and not tired ourselves out!


This was my mom’s first 5K – at least official 5K and definitely first Disney 5K – and I’m super proud that she completed it!


We met up with Pluto later in the weekend to share our medals with him! I think he liked them.


After the 5K, we spent the day in Epcot and rode Spaceship Earth (all the heart eyes!) and Frozen Ever After (very cute, but I was worried I would lose my amazing Uptown Ears!). We ate dinner at Teppan Edo, which apparently I’ve eaten at before but don’t remember so it was like it was my first time over again! We had an AMAZING hibachi chef, whose dry humor was perfect for his show.


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