I got to run this week! I have been trying to stay active while not being able to run but at my PT appointment on Thursday, I asked when I start running again and my PT said if I wasn’t sore from that session I could start getting back into running slowly. So I headed out for a easy mile on Friday and felt so good! A little tightness but it worked itself out. Instead of increasing my mileage and risking injury again, I definitely want to take my time, so instead I just added five minutes to my run on Sunday. I plan on continuing to add time to my runs and hopefully I’ll be back to training regularly in no time!

Monday 8/29: 2.63 mile walk (1:01:50), plus PT exercises

Tuesday 8/30: PT appointment

Wednesday 8/31: 0.75 mile treadmill walk (16:00), plus upper body strength and PT exercises

Thursday 9/1: PT appointment

Friday 9/2: 1.11 mile run! (13:23), plus PT exercises

Saturday 9/3: 5 miles on the Stationary Bike (20:00), plus upper body strength and PT exercises

Sunday 9/4: 1.44 mile run (20:00) plus 1.2 mile walk (25:52), plus upper body

Total running miles for the week: 2.55 miles/52.55 miles total in training


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