Dopey Challenge Training – Week 11 & 12

Recapping the last two weeks since I’ve been a little busy! I started a new job this week and I’m looking forward to some consistency in routine now. I don’t know about you but I thrive when I have a routine, especially when it comes to working out. One of the reasons I think that I hurt my hip was that I suddenly found myself with a lot of free time and jumped into training. Well, that lead to over training and my injury. So I’m glad to get settled into my new position and get a fresh start in training. Here’s how the last two weeks of training have gone for me:

Monday 9/5: Warmed up on the treadmill (0.48 miles in 10:49) then strength and physical therapy workout for 40:33

Tuesday 9/6: 2.54 miles walk (53:13)
Wednesday 9/7: 2.69 miles run (41:25) 15’22” pace

Thursday 9/8: 0.46 mile walk (14:56)
Friday 9/9: A little speed workout on the treadmill for 2.32 miles (51:31 total time)

Saturday 9/10: Morning workout for 35 minutes

Sunday 9/11: Run 3.14 miles (33:54) 10’47” pace

Total mileage for the week: 11.59 miles

For this week, I decided to stick to walk/run intervals while getting back to training. I think I’m going to stick to this through the rest of my training and during any races. My goal for the Dopey Challenge is just to have fun and finish. Thanks to this article I read this week from Runner’s World and then this great blog post from Ivie + AJ – I feel really good that this decision is the best for my mental health and physical recovery!

Monday 9/12: Rest

Tuesday 9/13: Bikram Yoga (90 minutes) and Physical Therapy appointment
Wednesday 9/14: 2.73 mile run (44:44) 16’21” pace

Thursday 9/15: Little morning walk for 0.56 miles (14:59) then Bikram Yoga (90 minutes) and Physical Therapy appointment

Friday 9/16: 3.34 mile run (52:15) 15’37” pace

Saturday 9/17: 1.39 mile walk (31:26)
Sunday 9/18: Rest – I really should have run, but I didn’t and I can’t change that now! I did go see a show at Next Stop Theatre that was great!

Total mileage for the week: 7.46 miles

How’s your training going? Any exciting races coming up? I am looking forward to heading to Chicago in a few weeks to run the Chicago International 5K and cheer my friend on as she rocks the Chicago Marathon. I’ve never been to Chicago either, so I’m really looking forward to experiencing a new city!

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