Dopey Challenge Training – Week 14

I think I’m starting to get into the hang of this training thing. It only took fourteen weeks… oh well. My physical therapist officially “graduated” me from PT!  The difference from the first visit to this last one was more than I expected. I look forward to continuing to strengthen my legs to prevent further injuries. I want to definitely incorporate more strength training as well as yoga into training. I will be looking at some studios in the area once I get back from Chicago – which is this weekend! I am looking forward to reuniting with some friends, running the 5K on Saturday and cheer on the marathoners on Sunday.


Monday 9/26: 1.62 mile run (26:23) 16’15” pace
A morning run?! I gave morning running a try this week and despite being fairly slow, it went well. Although my neighborhood is darker than I would like it to be so  we’ll have to see if I continue to attempt running early.


Tuesday 9/27: 3.1 mile run (44:23) 14’18” pace20160927_185547.jpg

Wednesday 9/28: Rest! I felt like I was coming down with a cold so this rest day couldn’t get here quick enough. I was happy to come home, take some Nyquil and get to bed super early this night!

Thursday 9/29: Physical Therapy appointment – warmed up on the treadmill for 1 mile (12:50)screenshot_2016-09-30-14-13-50-1.png

Friday 9/30: 3.01 miles (42:54) 14’15” pace
Overcast dreary day near sunset is the worst time to go running ever, especially when you’ve been reading murder mysteries and listening to true crime podcasts lately. I’m fairly certain my last mile was fastest, simply because i wanted to get out of the woods as FAST as possible. Never again.


Saturday 10/1: Mostly rest – I  did try to go for a walk but it was raining harder than I anticipated and I wasn’t dressed to enjoy a walk in the rain.

Sunday 10/2: 5.94 miles (1:22:04) 13’49” pace

A little rainy but mostly good run. Legs were definitely tired towards the end but overall I felt good during this run.

2016-10-02-16.29.24.jpg.jpeg 2016-10-02-16.30.03.jpg.jpeg 2016-10-02-16.30.57.jpg.jpeg

Total mileage for the week: 14.66 miles
Finished September with 42.72 miles! I’m taking a bit of a recovery week this week since I’ll be out of town over the weekend.

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