Dopey Challenge Training – Week 15

I had such a great recovery week this week! Since I’ve been working very hard at physical therapy and getting back in the swing of things with my training, I’ve been building mileage over the last few weeks. I decided that my trip to Chicago was a great time to take a recovery week since I wasn’t sure if I was going to get a longer run in and we already had a 5K planned while in Chicago. 

Monday 10/3: Run 2.01 miles (27:48) 13’48” pace


Tuesday 10/4: Rest

Wednesday 10/5: Run 2.39 miles (38:02) 15’55” pace


Thursday 10/6: Road Runner Sports Rockville Adventure Run 3.47 miles

This was so much fun! I anticipated more of a herd mentality and was surprised when the runners split up almost immediately. Thankfully, a group of runners adopted me into their group after my third stop and I was able to tag along with them the rest of the run. While I didn’t win anything during the raffle (while Roswell won twice!), I still had a great time and definitely would like to attend the events next year.

Friday 10/7: Boarded an early flight to Chicago and then walked all over the city and the Chicago Marathon Expo

Saturday 10/8: Chicago International 5K (40:09) 12’55” pace

Great 5K – shakeout run before the marathon. Hopefully a short race recap coming soon!


Post 5K bRUNch at #orangechicago! #nattyicerunsamarathon TOMORROW!!!

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Sunday 10/9: Spectated the Chicago Marathon and cheered on my friend Natalie, who PRed her marathon time by 8 minutes!

Total mileage for the week: 11.03 miles

Now that I’m back from Chicago, I’m looking forward to my first aerial yoga class this weekend and slowly integrating more strength training into my plan. How is your training going?

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