Dopey Challenge Training – Week 16

A great week for training: 4 runs and a yoga workshop. I feel like I’m really settling in my flow with this part of my training plan. I don’t need as much pushing to get out of the door during my weekday runs and my long run felt great. I was nervous going into this long run, because 7 miles was the run that triggered my need for physical therapy. So I took it easy and I’m feeling good as I’m writing this. I’m hoping that the work I’ve been putting in will be enough to get over this hump in training. We’ll see how I feel the rest of the week!

Monday 10/10: Rest day – flying back from Chicago!

Tuesday 10/11: 2.50 mile run (38:24) 15’21” pace
My goal was to run two miles, just to shake out my legs from the flight and the rest of my trip. Definitely was tired after the whirlwind weekend!

Wednesday 10/12: 3.42 mile run (42:34) 12’27” pace
Happy with this run, despite the fact it was probably a little bit too fast. I walked when I  wanted to though and felt good throughout the run.

Thursday 10/13: Rest! Used my rest day productively by heading to Road Runner to use the coupon I had received after trying a pair of Saucony Guide 10 during the Adventure Run the week before. Looking forward to incorporating a new pair of shoes into the rotation.

Friday 10/14: 4.17 mile run (55:31) 13’19” pace

I also finished up this run with strides for the first time! Just three strides, the length of my parking lot. I will hopefully start including these after my runs during the week.


Saturday 10/15:  Aerial Yoga workshop at Thrive Yoga

This was definitely outside of my comfort zone, and more than I anticipated. I didn’t think I would have such a hard time trusting the silk. Sacrum Hang  was a little to painful on my back for me to maintain and the Cobblers’s pose was too much for my knees. I think that I also need to work on my upper body strength in order to truly benefit from this class. But I did really enjoy savasana at the end of the workshop – it makes me want a hammock! I’m glad that I stepped outside my comfort zone and tried something new.

Sunday 10/16:  6.95 mile run (1:33:37) 13’28” pace

Long run Sunday. I listened to the Undisclosed podcast during my run. Overall, uneventful, but it was a good run because of that. Nothing hurt, everything was good. Finding my flow!

Total mileage for the week: 16.74 miles

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