Dopey Challenge Training – Week 17

Just like last week was a great training week, this was not such a great training week. It’s so easy to jump from one to the other, right? Everything was a little bit off – it was warmer, I felt like I was working harder for the same effort, etc. Even the universe can seem against you, when you take a wrong step and roll your ankle! But sometimes, maybe it’s just the universe’s way of telling you to take a break. Make sure you’re taking time for recovery during your training – an extra 15 minutes of stretching, icing something that’s achy, take a yoga class or get a massage (looking forward to both of these this week!).

Monday 10/17: Rest – schedule was a little bit off from travelling the week before, so took a rest day and did some much need grocery shopping!

Tuesday 10/18: Run 2.75 miles 38:29 plus strength training routine from Runner’s World.

It’s finally starting to look like fall in my neighborhood, but this run certainly didn’t feel like fall!

Wednesday 10/19: 3.98 miles run (52:59) 13’17” pace

Not every run can be a good run and this was certainly was not. It simply was hot and muggy and I was not a happy camper as you can see.

Thursday 10/20:  0.65 miles “run” (13:00)

This run seems a little off, no? I went about my regular warm up and set off on a new trail at the park where we typically do our longer runs. However, as soon as I started my first run interval, I guess I was just tired from the last two days. I mis-stepped and felt my ankle roll. I took a few more steps and decided to pack it in and head back to the car, to avoid any further or worse injury.

Friday 10/21: Followed up with a day of RICE (rest, ice, compression and elevation) for my ankle. It was a bit painful, but hoping with a few days off, it would be back to normal.

Saturday 10/22: More RICE, and sushi!

Happy (early) birthday to me. Thank you, @lllewsor 😘 #totsauce

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Sunday 10/23: 8 miles (1:50:39) 13’14” pace

Ankle felt fine Sunday morning, so decided to (cautiously) head out on my planned long run of 8 miles.

Total mileage for the week: 15.38 miles


Linking up this week with the Weekly Wrap, hosted by Hoho Runs and MissSippiPiddlin!


9 thoughts on “Dopey Challenge Training – Week 17

  1. says:

    So great to have you Heather for the Weekly Wrap! I see you’re doing the Dopey Challenge, Wow that is awesome and quite the challenge! Are you following a certain plan for this? I’d love to know how you are conditioning for 4 days in a row of running.
    I visited your about page and I wasn’t much of a cat person until I fell in love with a Black kitten with 13 white hairs on his chest and I named him Salem. 🙂 He has since gone on but I sure did love him.

    • heathermundwiler says:

      Thanks, Tricia! I was following the RunDisney Galloway plan for the Dopey challenge, but I wasn’t a huge fan of just running three days a week nor the alternating weekends of long and short runs (4 then 3, then 5, then 3, and so forth), it lead to more injuries for me. So I’ve been using a modified Hal Higdon plan, where I’ve brought over some of the Dopey simulations of four days back to back from the Galloway plan.
      Black cats are the best! Salem sounds wonderful – I know Wesley will always be part of my heart!

  2. Lindsay Loves Running says:

    I’m thinking about doing Dopey next year, but it’s pretty intimidating! Looking forward to keeping up with your training! I’ve definitely had those weeks when things don’t seem to go your way – either the universe or your body telling you to do things a little differently. Good for you for listening and you’ll come back stronger. Your photos are absolutely lovely, too!

  3. HoHo Runs says:

    Welcome to the Weekly Wrap, Heather! I have done a couple of Disney half marathons and will soon run my 2nd Disney marathon. Maybe I’ll eventually do the Dopey Challenge. I look forward to following along in your journey. I’m glad your ankle problem didn’t last very long!Thanks for linking.

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