Dopey Challenge Training – Week 18

I did so much this week. Just looking back on it all makes me tired! I wanted to make sure I was incorporating strength and stretching into my routine, so I joined a local yoga studio and am working on trying a few different classes they offer. I used to do Bikram yoga quite frequently, and I believe that is one of the reasons I didn’t get injured during my first marathon training program (opposed to this time!). While I would love to continue doing Bikram, it’s a bit pricey and I haven’t found a studio that I love in my new area. I tried one studio, but found the students to be a bit clique-y and they seemed to have drama going on regularly – this does not contribute to a zen atmosphere. I also wanted to expand beyond just the 26 poses done in Bikram – there’s a whole world of yoga out there and I wanted to check it out! I ran five times this week and went to three yoga classes – I told you I was busy! I am looking forward to a rest week in the coming week and a 5K on Saturday!

Monday 10/24: 2.24 mile run (30:22) 13’35” pace

Loving seeing Halloween decorations on my run – and looking forward to holiday decoration after that! I had to stop and get a selfie with the house number in honor of my birthday!

Tuesday 10/25: Rest day – headed to morning Hatha Yoga classes with Alison

It was very early, but if I can’t manage to get up and run in the morning, the least I can do is try to make it to yoga!


Wednesday 10/26: 2.85 mile run (41:22) 13’36” pace

I treated myself to a massage this week. I’m not sure that I’ll go back to this particular therapist, but it was nice. I did a point to point run to a nearby Potbelly where I met Roswell for dinner. I like this change from my normal loop around the neighborhood.

Thursday 10/27: AM: Hatha Yoga PM: 4.57 mile run(1:01:42) 13’10” pace

Started my day with an AMAZING hatha yoga class. The class was all about splits and therefore about hips. I learned several new hip stretches that I can use after runs to help with my hip flexors.

My run that evening was good in terms of a run. But it got dark VERY quickly and I didn’t feel like I had enough reflective or safety gear. I was very nervous running by myself and it didn’t help that I’d been reading two articles that came out this week about running while female.

Friday 10/28: 3.13 mile run (42:33) 13’35” pace

Another point to point run! Roswell and I ran to a nearby restaurant for dinner. We grabbed a Lyft home – happy to live in an area where this is possible.


Saturday 10/29: Rest day – Gentle and Therapeutic Yoga

Wanted to make sure my legs were ready for Sunday’s long run. However, the practice didn’t start great, with the teacher 15 minutes late. But it was a nice practice and I was happy to have some active rest.

Sunday 10/30: 9.12 mile run (2:08:58) 13’30” pace

I did an out and back on the Rockville Millennium Trail. Because Roswell wasn’t feeling great, we wanted to stick nearby to home.


After our runs, Roswell and I met up with some dear friends (my old roomies!) who moved out of the area around the same time we moved to Texas. It was so good to see them again and it makes me thankful that despite not seeing them for a better part of two years, it was like no time had passed!


Total mileage for the week: 21.91 miles


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7 thoughts on “Dopey Challenge Training – Week 18

  1. Chaitali says:

    Sounds like you had a great week! That’s a good idea to do a point to point run and then use a lyft to get home. I thought about doing a point to point this weekend on the Capital Crescent Trail (mostly because I wanted to avoid the uphills coming back!) but I couldn’t convince my husband to come pick me up downtown. I’ll have to remember Lyft for next time. How do you like the Millennium Trail? I live in Rockville too and haven’t tried that one. Does it have a lot of street crossings?

    • heathermundwiler says:

      The Millennium Trail was just okay – it was right next to the road the whole time, so I was crossing streets and it wasn’t my favorite. I really like the Rock Creek Hiker-Biker Trail, which I pick up at the Rock Creek Regional Park. When I used to live in Virginia, I loved running on the W&OD, but I like the Rock Creek Trail even more than that!

      • Chaitali says:

        That’s what I thought abut the Millennium Trail just looking at it on a map but it’s good to know for sure. I’m on that Rock Creek Trail a lot (usually pick it up at Aspen Hill or Lake Needwood) and the Capital Crescent Trail in Bethesda. I’m planning to try out the Matthew Henson trail this weekend.

    • heathermundwiler says:

      It was interesting, because it was frustrating, but I was surprised by the quarter of the class that left before he arrived. The whole point of yoga for me is a stress relief and to help prepare and recover from my runs – I would be missing out on that if I left! I tried to be very zen about the whole thing 😉

  2. HoHo Runs says:

    I’ve enjoyed the Halloween decorations the past few weeks too! One of the houses on my regular route kept their lights on all night (with music!) so I was able to enjoy it before sunup. I made sure to loop extra times on that street! I’ve never tried a point to point run, but it sounds like a great idea. Starbucks would more than likely be my destination. 😉 Thanks for linking, Heather!

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