Dopey Challenge Training – Week 21

wp-1479735790978.jpegThe weeks are flying by and I don’t think they are going to slow down any time soon! I am still finding the time change to be hard, but I managed to get two runs in during the week by running directly after work before going home.

I took more resting this week than I wanted – but with the half marathon on Saturday, it wasn’t the worst week to take some extra rest time. This week, I’m looking forward to my first mini Dopey I have planned – 3 miles Thursday, 6 miles Friday, and 12 miles on Saturday.

Monday 11/14: Rest!

Tuesday 11/15: AM: Hatha Yoga with Alison |PM: 2.15 miles (30:13) 13:52/mi

Yoga was lovely, though my hips were cramping during the Warrior section.


I had planned to run 3 miles on campus after work, and I nearly chickened out and went home (running somewhere new by myself can be overwhelming sometimes). However, I stopped myself from chickening out and actually went running. However, I missed a turn on the route I mapped out and ended up shorting myself a mile. You win some, you compromise some!

Wednesday 11/16: Rest

I made sure to work on some exercises from my PT in the morning, since I was starting to feel pain in the same areas recently and have been slacking on those specific strength training moves. I had planned running 4 today, but decided to rest instead.

Thursday 11/17: AM: Hatha Yoga with Alison | PM: 3 miles  (39:22) 13:09/mi

Friday 11/18: Credit Union Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run Fall Kickoff Reception

I’ll be posting a longer recap later this week, but I had a great time at the #CUCB2017 kickoff party! There were giveaways with both guaranteed race entries and paid race entries, we voted on the color for the official t-shirt (#teampurple) and lots of fun! I wasn’t able to stay the entire time, as we had a early wake up call the next day for…

Saturday 11/19: Annapolis Running Classic Half Marathon (02:42:55) 12:26/mi



We’d heard really great things about this race, but I definitely felt unprepared for that bridge! Both Roswell and I met our goal – Roswell PR’d his half time by 15 minutes and I finished under my estimated finish time of 2:45. More coming later this week!

Sunday 11/13: Rest
Instead of adding a few more recovery miles to this week’s total, I went to see Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them and go to dinner with family to celebrate my dad’s birthday!

Total mileage for the week:  18.15 miles

Linking up this week with the Weekly Wrap, hosted by Hoho Runs and MissSippiPiddlin!


6 thoughts on “Dopey Challenge Training – Week 21

  1. Janelle @ Run With No Regrets says:

    Congrats! I ran the Annapolis Half last year and it was SO tough…the hills are crazy! Doing a “mini-Dopey” sounds like a smart way to train. I find those back-to-back races to be so tough!

  2. HoHo Runs says:

    Congrats on your half marathon. That bridge looks really long! I’ve never trained for the Dopey Challenge, but your mini-Dopey strategy sounds like a great way to train. I’m also getting ready to run a half and plan to cut back my mileage considerably (currently Disney marathon training). I so look forward to that!! Thanks for linking!

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