Dopey Challenge Training – Week 22 & 23

 We’re one month away from the WDW Marathon weekend! Over the next month, I would love to work on making sure that I’m getting in my strength training and stretching. I’m hoping to get back into Bikram this month to help with both of those, and also make a few more trips to the gym! AH, ONE MONTH!

Monday 11/21: 1.88 mile run (29:59) 15:55 min/mi
Recovery run – working on running in the dark around my neighborhood in the cold!

Tuesday 11/22: AM: Hatha Yoga with Alison
I enjoy yoga… I really do, but I feel like I push myself too far a lot. I felt a pop in my inner thigh and decided to take a few days rest to make sure I was ready for my mini Dopey this weekend.

Wednesday 11/23: Rest
Ice and compression for my inner thigh.

Thursday 11/24: 3 mile walk
Roswell and I walked around a pond at a local shopping center and caught Pokemon. Since we’re planning on walking as much as possible for the 5K to save our legs for the rest of the weekend, we thought it would be good to practice that.

Friday 11/25: 6 mile run (1:20:23) 13:24 min/mi
Day two of my mini Dopey, just an easy run around the neighborhood

Saturday 11/26: Rest
I had intended to run 12 today as the last part of my mini Dopey – unfortunately, due to things outside of my control, Roswell and I ended up needing to call a Mulligan and try again on Sunday.

Sunday 11/27: 12 mile run  (2:40:54) 13:24 min/mi
Ran from Bethesda to Georgetown on the Capital Crescent Trail and then out on the C&O Canal trail for a few more miles to get to a total of 12.

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Total mileage for the week: 23 miles

Monday 11/28: Rest

Tuesday 11/29: 4 mile run (55:24) 13:51 min/mi
I’m getting more comfortable with running in the dark around my neighborhood.

Wednesday 11/30: Rest

Thursday 12/1: 1.82 mile treadmill run (30:03) 16:32 min/mi
Worked on some intervals and then did some strength training

Friday 12/2: Rest
I was going to attempt a RUNch but I ended up being the only one in my office for most of the day so I had to hold down the fort.

Saturday 12/3: 14 mile run (3:22:24) 14:27 min/mi
This was a very long run and I felt like I didn’t plan very well for it. The first 7 miles were great. I got off the metro and found the Rock Creek Trail head nearby. When I got to the end of the Maryland part of the trail, I met up with Beach Drive. From there, I got a little lost and worried about the lack of a sidewalk and runners and parts of Beach Drive that still allowed cars (most of Beach Drive is closed to vehicles on the weekends) so I took a two mile trail detour (unplanned) until I met back up with Beach Drive (and saw other runners). At mile 12, I need to get off the Rock Creek Trail and head into the neighborhood to get to Pacers where I was meeting Roswell. The road was blocked by construction barriers, but I had just seen another runner go around so I started to go around it. However, the park police officer chose that time to get out of his car and tell me I wasn’t allowed to do what the other runner had just done.  When I asked how to get to the road that was a mere 20 feet in front of me, he told me I had to go a mile out of my way. At mile 12 of an already uncomfortable run, the waterworks just hit me. I cried for about a half a mile until I could breathe again and just finished the run as fast my little legs could possibly carry me after all that time. I was so happy to see Roswell and we headed to Ted’s Bulletin where I ate all of the food and enjoyed a well earned mimosa.

Sunday 12/4: Jingle All the Way 5K (44:28) 13:57 min/mi
After the 14 miler the day (and Roswell’s company holiday party the night) before, I didn’t have any expectations for this run. I ran the first mile before my knee starting bothering me enough that I had to walk. So I ended up walk/running the last mile and half. And I’m totally okay with that!

Total mileage for the week: 23 miles
Total mileage for November: 87 miles!

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  1. HoHo Runs says:

    How unkind of that park ranger!! It sounds like you had a good two weeks of training. I love that trail pic with the tunnel. That’s a great idea about getting used to running in the dark — because (as you know) the start of Disney races are SO EARLY. The transportation deadline of 4 a.m. is mind boggling. I’ll “just” be running the marathon. LOL. Dopey is so impressive! Thanks for linking, Heather!

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