Dopey Challenge Training – Week 25

Taper is here! It wasn’t easy getting there. This week was hard in terms of training. But I just finished my longest run (but I still have 12 and 8 mile runs to go) for this training period. I didn’t hit the distance I wanted to cover, but I made some decisions and am happy with those (I’ll go into more detail in my recap below). Over the next week, I have a few runs planned as well as some cross training. I’m hoping there are a few yoga classes in my future as well!

Monday 12/12: Bikram Yoga (90 minutes)

Tuesday 12/13:  Rest

Wednesday 12/14: Rest

Thursday 12/15: 1.43 treadmill miles (24:17) 17:02 min/mi

Friday 12/16: AM: 1.08 treadmill miles (21:03) 19:34 min/mi  | PM: 2.00 mi (35:41) 17:51 min/mi

I wasn’t very successful in the morning, as we ran a bit late getting to the gym. But I returned later that evening to do a bit more. wp-1482155486415.jpg

Saturday 12/17: 1.98 treadmill miles (39:02) 19:42 min/mi & 30 minutes on elliptical

I had 10 miles planned for Saturday, but the weather decided not to cooperate. We woke up to freezing rain and icy sidewalks. I thought about waiting until the temperature rose above freezing, but I’m glad that I didn’t because that didn’t happen. Around 10, I decided just to head to the gym and get something done even if it wasn’t going to be 10 miles. I ran on the treadmill for two miles and then did the elliptical for another 30 minutes.

Sunday 12/18: 16.53 mi (4:07:24) 14:58 min/mi

This was such a WEIRD run. It rose above freezing over night to nearly 60 degrees. It was supposed to rain the entire time, so I thought I dress appropriately with a short sleeve shirt, rain jacket and hat to keep the rain out of my face. I was SO HOT the first half of the run that the jacket got super sweaty and I spent the first half of the run alternating between freezing (from the wet jacket and dropping temperatures) and too hot. My goal for the run was 18 miles, but once I hit 2 hours I turned around. I decided that a 4 hour run was enough. I actually called Roswell shortly after turning around –  I wanted to throw in the towel so badly and just have him come pick me up. But I also wanted to finish the run. I’d had a bad week of training and just wanted to finish SOMETHING. So I changed up my interval (I’ve been doing run walk intervals of 2:1 throughout the training period) and instead did 30 seconds of running and 1 minute of walking. Anything that kept me moving was fine, no matter how slowly. I also put on the Hamilton soundtrack and tried to zone out and push through. During the last two miles, the temperature dropped significantly and the WIND picked up. It sounded like a train… or like in a horror movie, when there’s a big bad coming through the trees. I was very happy to see the parking lot and my darling husband, complete with hot chocolate in hand, at the end. Roswell remarked that I seemed in good spirits despite calling him mid-run wanting to give up and the only reason I could give was that I was THAT happy the run was finally over. 4 hours is very long time to be out on the trail by yourself. I don’t typically run with anyone, but knowing Roswell is out on the trail with me always makes me feel just a little bit better and less lonely. I’m looking forward to the PR Training Program in the spring so I have a group to run with (if only to be running at the same time, not necessarily together!)

Total mileage for the week: 24 miles

Linking up this week with the Weekly Wrap, hosted by Hoho Runs and MissSippiPiddlin!


3 thoughts on “Dopey Challenge Training – Week 25

    • heathermundwiler says:

      I’m hoping that I don’t over do it during taper. I’m one of those that thinks “well, I’m not running so I can do this or this or this…” I have to try to remember to leave those until AFTER Dopey!

  1. HoHo Runs says:

    YAY for taper time. I also plan on doing 12 and 8 mile long runs as I wrap it up. How sweet of the hubs to be waiting with hot chocolate at the end of your long run. Pushing through in those challenging conditions and that tough run will definitely help you on race weekend. Enjoy your taper! Thanks for linking, Heather.

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