Dopey Challenge Training – Week 6

Hello everyone! It’s been a while, eh? Roswell and I have had some big life changes lately (more about those later!) and with the extra time I have found myself with, I wanted to bring back writing here. One way I’d like to use this space to share my training progress for the RunDisney Dopey Challenge. For those you who might be unfamiliar, the Dopey Challenge is held during the Walt Disney World Marathon weekend in January and includes… wait for it… a 5K, 10K, Half Marathon and a Full Marathon. I know! I’m crazy! Or Dopey rather! Luckily I’m not undertaking this challenge alone – Roswell and my brother are also doing the Dopey Challenge and my mom is doing her first ever 5K with us! I’m really looking forward to this experience!

So now that you’re caught up with what I’m training for, let’s get down to how I’m training. It’s already week 6 of the Jeff Galloway training program he created for the Dopey Challenge. I love that the training plan goal is to simply “To Finish in the Upright Position”, which truly is my only goal – that and to have a great time! Right now the program has two days with a 45 minute run during the week and a longer run alternating with a 3 mile run on weekends. So that’s always my base goal. I’m also supplementing with Orange Theory Fitness workouts and looking to add some yoga in the routine as well. Here’s how I did last week:

Monday 8/1: Orange Theory workout at OTFGaithersburg

Tuesday 8/2: 2.83 miles (26:21) 9’18” pace – err, what? Clearly why I was unable to keep going for the 45 minute goal.

Wednesday 8/3:  1.61 miles (23:14) 14’26” pace

Thursday 8/4: 3.59 miles (45:06) 12’33” pace

Friday 8/5: Orange Theory Kentlands workout
In honor of the Olympics beginning, after a short treadmill and floor block, we did a three person team circuit with the goal to row 6000m as a team (or 4 rounds). My team got through 3 and 2/3 rounds, so we were very close!

Saturday 8/6: Rest – which apparently consisted of walking all over IKEA and DC.

Sunday 8/7: 7.04 miles (1:25:39)  12’10” pace

(By the way, Fitbit Support was very helpful and I have figured out how to post vertical photos the correct way!)

Total miles for the week: 15.07 miles/34.66 miles total in training

This week I have two Orange Theory workouts planned for Tuesday and Thursday, 45 minute runs on Wednesday and Friday, plus a short 3 miler on Sunday before watching the Olympic women’s marathon!

Now’s your turn – How is your training going?!

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