Dopey Challenge Training – Week 7

Errr. This week did not go as planned. I started to feel some hip pain early in the week and by Wednesday, I knew it was not good. I tried to run on Thursday and I made it about 5 steps before stopping. I have been resting and icing and stretching throughout the week. I’m hoping to ease back into running next week. Wish me luck!


I did discover watermelon + sea salt = party in my mouth. I loved this great way to hydrate after being outside on a hot day!

Monday 8/8: Rest
I took a long easy walk around the neighborhood

Tuesday 8/9: Orange Theory workout at OTFGaithersburg
Includes 2.35 miles of intervals on threadmill

Wednesday 8/10: 48 minute Elliptical workout

Thursday 8/11: Orange Theory workout at OTFGaithersburg and 30 Min. Total Body Deep Stretch Yoga for Runners & HIIT Athletes

Friday 8/5: Tried running – failed. Instead, I did Yin Yoga for Runners – Hips and Hamstrings 30 min Deep Stretch by Yoga with Kassandra – I didn’t really enjoy this video so I’ll spare you the link.

Saturday 8/6: Another day, another yoga video. IT Band Stretches + Quick Yoga Flow for Your Hips (10-min) – Yoga Stretch for Runners by BrettLarkinYoga – definitely quick, quicker than I’m used to but I liked the flow.

Sunday 8/7: Rest – watched the Olympic marathon! Go USA! Worked some hip exercise and stretches. Hoping to hit the road again soon!

Total miles for the week: 3.6 miles/38.26 miles total in training

My goals for next week include starting a second round of Whole30 with Roswell, working on stretching, a few OTF sessions and hoping getting in a few runs! Now is your turn – how is your training going?

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