Dopey Challenge Training – Week 8

This week was a little bit better in terms of training. I am a bit delayed in posting this recap since I spent Monday calling around to different doctor’s offices trying to find  out what’s going on with my hip. Even after resting and icing and taking anti-inflammatories, it’s still bothering me and I just want to run! In other news, Roswell and I started our second round of Whole30 on Monday and it amazes how quickly I forgot how much grocery shopping we did the first round. We went grocery shopping on Friday and by Sunday night, we were nearly out of food for the week! I will be sharing what we’ve been eating on Wednesday so stay tuned!

Monday 8/15: OrangeTheory Fitness (60 minutes) included 1.25 miles of treadmill intervals


Tuesday 8/16: 1.53 mile run (19:36min) 12’46” pace

Wednesday 8/17: OrangeTheory Fitness (60 minutes) included 2.25 miles of treadmill intervals


Thursday 8/18: 2.04 mile run (25:48) 12’38” pace

Friday 8/19: OrangeTheory Fitness (60 minutes) included 1.50 miles of treadmill and 1200m row intervals #run2row

Saturday 8/20: rest!
Sunday 8/21: 3.18 miles run (41:24) 13’01”
Not the greatest run – could be attributed to my hip and the first week of Whole30

Total miles for the week: 11.75 miles/50.01 miles total in training

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