I headed to the doctor this week to finally figure out what is going on with my hip. My doctor referred me to see a physical therapist with possible hip bursitis – but hopefully not to bad, or at least we’ve hopefully caught the beginning stages of it. I called around and found a physical therapy appointment for the next day. The physical therapist had me show her my regular stretches and then when through a few of her tests for my hip. Afterwards, she let me know that it might not be my hip, but rather my glute or IT band. The muscles were in a protective spasm, so she had me use the bike for ten minutes and then applied heat to help relax my muscles. From there, she used a release method on my legs and OH BOY was that painful, but I already felt a difference after the first session. After the first few days of going through the exercises, I can already feel a difference in my legs and I hoping that will be positive heading into two more sessions this week. Unfortunately, my PT did say no running, but I can walk or bike and I’m hoping to get into the pool at some time this week! I’m trying to stay as active as possible during recovery. Hopefully I’ll be able to get back into training soon, but I want to make sure I feel as good as possible before I do!

Here’s what I did this week as I waited and then followed doctor’s orders:

Monday 8/22: rest before my doctor’s appointment on Tuesday

Tuesday 8/23: Doctor’s appointment – referred to Physical Therapy

Wednesday 8/24: First Physical Therapy appointment – given two stretches to do at home – Figure 4 stretch and a hip flexor-quad stretch.

Thursday 8/25: Second Physical Therapy appointment – given four exercises to do in addition to the stretches – hip bridges, hip bridges with resistance band, clam shells and front thigh press ups.

Friday 8/26: 2.26 mile walk (1:00:46), along with my PT exercises and stretches

Saturday 8/27: Rest, along with my PT exercises and stretches

Sunday 8/28: 8.25 miles on Stationary Bike (30:00), plus upper body weights, again with PT exercises and stretches.

Total miles for the week:  N/A miles/50.01 miles total in training

 I’m hoping that I’ll be able to return to training soon, but in the mean time, I’ll be over here biking and walking and swimming. 

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