Five ways to celebrate your race!

Fall marathon season is upon us. I enjoyed spectating at the Chicago marathon a few weeks ago, Marine Corps Marathon is this weekend and New York is following closely behind. I think that races and accomplishments of all sizes should be celebrated – whether it’s your first 5k or you set a personal record at your latest marathon. Aside from your bib and photos, I wanted to share a few other ways to commemorate your accomplishments!


Shadow Box

For those big challenges or especially meaningful race, you could buy or create a shadow box. The Dopey Challenge one above is by Lasting Commemoratives, and is not cheap, but includes duplicate medals for the 4 race challenge. If that doesn’t quite fit into your budget, you can always create your own!

Race Maps

dopeycopy 2016marathonprint-v1_1

I have been seeing these race maps floating around the internet a lot lately, and I have to say I’m a fan. I would really love to get one for the Dopey Challenge once I’ve conquered that one!  The Dopey Challenge map is by  The SidePorch and the Chicago Marathon map is by Run Ink.

Tervis Tumbler

This might be one of my favorite ways to remember a race. I have to give credit to my friend Liz, who posted a photo of her Marine Corps Marathon tumbler, and I knew I immediately had to order one for myself Roswell for Christmas.

The process is a bit nerve-racking as you fill out a paper form, put it in an envelope with a plastic bag containing whatever you’d like to be inserted into the tumbler stapled to the form (the 2012 Marine Corps Marathon patch in our case), and mail it off, in hopes someone will receive it. But the process worked with a fairly quick turnaround. It’s now one of my favorite coffee mugs and an excellent reminder of our first marathon.

Medal hanger


There are so many of this floating around the internet right now – you can find them on Etsy, you can make your own. I have had my eye on the one above from York Sign Shop on Etsy for a while now but I want to get a custom order with his and hers bib holders in addition to the medal holders. I think I just need to take the plunge and buy it for our gallery wall!

Cross Stitch Portrait

While I was in between jobs due to the move, I got into cross stitch heavily. One of the few things I made was a cross stitch portrait for my friend Natalie who had run the New York City Marathon in 2015 as her first marathon. After I finished hers, I wanted to make one for Roswell and I for the Marine Corps Marathon. I love creating them so much, I started an Etsy shop (3 Black Cat Co. just like this blog!) and I love to make one for you.

What’s your favorite way to commemorate and celebrate your races?



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11 thoughts on “Five ways to celebrate your race!

  1. Kimberly Hatting says:

    I have all my medals hanging on an accordian-style coffee mug rack. I have them grouped (on the various pegs) depending on distance or event (some events I have done numerous times). I keep all of my bibs (with the dates/finish times written on them) on binder rings by year. I have thought of doing some kind of shadow box thing…but I’d want duplicates of everything for than (so I can keep all the originals grouped together).

  2. Lindsay Loves Running says:

    What a great post! You are so creative (I wish I was this creative) and I love that you came up with some really unique ways to commemorate a race. I especially love the Dopey Map (I’m planning to line up for that in 2018) and your cross stitch pieces are beyond adorable. I’m going to have to check out your Etsy shop for sure!

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