Friday Five: Cherry Blossom Goals

3BlackCatCo_CUCB_GoalsIt’s Race Weekend! We’ve made it! It will be a busy weekend for me and I can’t wait to share it with you! Be sure to follow me on Twitter and Instagram Stories where I’ll be posting throughout the weekend! On Friday, I will be volunteering at t-shirt distribution at the expo and attending the volunteer appreciation dinner. On Saturday, as a race ambassador I was invited to the 45th Running Celebration Dinner. And then the race on Sunday with the Post-Race Brunch! Whew! I’m so excited! I have a few goals for the race and the weekend that are below! (and for those counting, that was just six exclamation marks in that paragraph…)

1. A Goal [2:05]

Unfortunately, this race definitely won’t be a PR for me (maybe next year!). When I ran in 2012, I was probably in the best shape of my life so far. I ran in 1:39:01, with an average pace of 9:54/mile. I’ve never run another race of that distance (or further for that matter) any faster than that.  I’d love to finish under 2 hours, but my training, especially the last two weeks, hasn’t been there this time around. But I’m optimistically shooting for 2 hours and 5 minutes – a 12:30/mile pace – based on my averages for a few of my last long runs (12:31, 12:23, 12:16).


2. B Goal [2:10]

I feel like even if I drop to 13:00/mile, I’ll be happy finishing the race. I’m just enjoying myself on the course a bit longer 😉

3. C Goal [2:20]

This is the course limit – any longer and I’ll officially be a DNF (even if I cross the finish line).

Mile 3

4. Volunteer

So, I’ve already mentioned I’m volunteering so how is this a goal, you ask? Well, I’ve already touched on my passion for volunteering (and I even wrote about it for the CUCB blog this year), but my goal with volunteering is really to become a regular volunteer for the CUCB organization. This race feels a bit different to me than some of the other races I’ve participated in and I love that. It feels like a local race, but it attracts people from across the country (the world?). I’ll start this year with t-shirt distribution, and then who knows where I’ll find myself next year. Now that we’re back in the DC area, I’m glad for the opportunity to give back to this particular race.


5. Have Fun! And Take LOTS of Pictures!

I have truly enjoyed the last few month as a Credit Union Cherry Blossom Race ambassador. I am looking forward to celebrating that time this weekend with the whole social media team (Adam, Sara, Holly, Kim, Coco and Elizabeth!), as well as running with my fellow PR Training Programs people. I’ll be taking lots of pictures, hopefully, so again be sure to follow me on Twitter and Instagram Stories where I’ll be posting throughout the weekend!

43. A sporting event

Are you running the Credit Union Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run or 5K Walk-Run this weekend? Do you have any goals? Will I see you at the expo on Friday?! Be sure to come say hi!


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