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Happy Friday, friends! This Friday I wanted to share something a little different. This month I’ve heard several of my regular podcasts have shared some of their favorite podcasts in an effort to encourage new audiences in the podcast community. They’ve also encouraged their listeners to do the same, using the hashtag #trypod. So today for my Friday Five, I thought I would share five (okay, seven) podcasts I’ve been listening to lately.


I briefly dove into the podcast pool a few years ago when Roswell and I were driving to Texas and we listened to the first season of Serial during the 3 days of driving. Nowadays, I listen to podcasts mostly on my commute. The shows that I listen to are typically just a little over 30 minutes, perfect for my drive (some are almost an hour though, I save these for my evening commute when traffic can be heavier). While training for the Dopey Challenge, I relied on one or two podcast episodes to keep me going and distracted on my long runs. I like podcasts because of their short length – unlike an audiobook where I can get distracted if I start and stop too many times. I have about 7 podcasts that I have been listening to regularly and I’ve shared them below!

Young House Love has a podcast


John and Sherry are DIYers that live in my dear college city of Richmond, Virginia. You may know them from their successful Young House Love blog or when they made news back in 2014 when they took a break from said blog. I started listening after a co-worker suggested it even though I had never actually read their blog. With the prospect of buying a house, their podcast quickly became a must listen for me and I can’t wait to apply their tips now that we have bought a house. I look forward to listening every Monday morning on the way to work – it’s a great way to start the week!

Stuff You Missed in History Class


Before I started listening to podcasts, I would listen to the local news radio station to try to be informed, but quickly grew annoyed since the station literally repeated news stories over and over. So I started to look for other ways to learn more – enter podcasts. Stuff you missed in History Class was one of the podcasts that first caught my eye and was also recommended by the same co-worker. I love these entertaining bite size history lessons I can take in while driving or going for a run. The episodes I have been fascinated by lately have been the two part Executive Order 9066 & Japanese Internments episode and Vardø Witch Trials. They also do Unearthed! episodes every year where they review a large number of discoveries and updates that had occurred over the last year.

Broadway Backstory


This podcast was recommended by my good friend Erin and I have to say that I couldn’t listen to it any more quickly than I did. I started listening when their first season was pretty much over, with only one episode left. But luckily, that gave me a chance to go back and listen to all of the episodes. I love musical theatre and loved to hear the backstories associated with some of my favorite shows like Legally Blonde and Next to Normal, but also learned about some shows I haven’t seen yet and now want to see even more (though might not have a chance like Deaf West’s Spring Awakening). If you like Broadway and learning what goes into taking a show from the beginning all the way to the Great White way, I highly suggest Broadway Backstory.

What Should I Read Next? with Anne Bogel

I like to read, but don’t always have the time to sit down with a good book or find the next book I should read. One of my favorite instagrammers, Elise of Get to Work Book, shared that she had recently been a guest on Anne’s show. So I went and listened to her episode and loved the passion that you could tell that Anne had about books and all of her suggestions. I’ve been enjoying the chance to at least listen about great books, since I know I won’t have the time to read them all!

Breakfast for DinneroHFAV8OG

I met Nicole when we were living in Austin. She’s an amazing, body positive style and lifestyle blogger over at Writes like a Girl. I had heard that she had a podcast with her significant other Dago, but I’m so sad to say that I didn’t listen to it until I had moved away from Austin. Nicole and Dago cover a little bit of everything from politics and music to movies and TV, maybe even a little bit of sports. I have loved tuning in for their hilarious insight into the Bachelor this season and the “humble idiot.” They saved me from wasting my time on certain TV shows (The O.A. anyone?) and they’ve introduced me to some new music I wouldn’t have heard otherwise.

Honorable Mentions (because I can’t just pick five!)

Missing Richard SimmonsApple_Richard_1400x1400

I only started listening to Missing Richard Simmons recently – thanks to the ads between podcasts on Stitcher. The podcast feels a bit prying or almost voyeuristic as the host talks to friends and family of Richard Simmons who hasn’t been seen since 2014. I’ve felt a bit conflicted while listening; I’ve read a few articles about the podcast, some that feel this is an invasion of privacy and others spinning it in a way to reflect how anyone can end up like Richard. With only one episode left, I will no doubt complete the series and hope there’s only a good resolution for Richard.

The Runner’s World Show

Runner’s World show makes my list because it has gotten me through many long runs this past fall, but I have to be honest, I haven’t had a chance to listen to it recently. I previously listened to all of my podcasts on Google Play, where I could find this podcast. When I got a new phone, I, for some reason, switched over to Stitcher to listen and I cannot find The Runner’s World Show anywhere on there. I realize that I could go back to Google Play, but I do like the functionality of Stitcher a bit more. However, I still LOVE the Runner’s World Show – they have great people pieces, but they also have a fun segment at the end called “The Kick” which can cover anything from the best Halloween costumes to run to how to run long on a treadmill. Just writing about it here makes me want to put in the effort of listening again!

Do you listen to podcasts? If so, what are your favorites?


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8 thoughts on “Friday Five: Favorite Podcasts

  1. Marcia says:

    Thanks for sharing these. I will check them out. I’m so hot and cold on podcasts. For instance the Run Like a Mother podcast had a woman on who ran 7 marathons in 7 days on 7 continents and I found her fascinating. The next couple were total blah though. Maybe that’s typical?

    • heathermundwiler says:

      I definitely find that with some of the podcasts I listen to (including a few on this list!) – some episodes I’m really into and others have me counting down the minutes until it’s over or even skipping to the next one. I try to purge every few weeks if I find that I’m skipping several episodes in a row. As long as there are still episodes I’m interested in, I’ll keep them on my playlist – otherwise it’s gone!

  2. Lesley says:

    I wouldn’t mind listening to some podcasts while I’m working, but not when I’m running. I zone out a lot, which is why I love music. I know the songs, and even if I zone out, I know where I am with the music. If I zoned out during a podcast, I’d miss a bit.

    • heathermundwiler says:

      Interesting! I’m almost the opposite – I can’t listen to a podcast while working because I need to focus on it. On a long run, I’m able to zone out and let my legs do their thing and listen to a podcast. However, I zone out WAY too much to listen to audio books – while running or working, even just driving. I’m not sure of the difference between those and podcasts!

  3. cupcakendreams says:

    I love podcast recommendations and I can’t wait to listen to a few of these! I highly recommend How I Built This on NPR. It’s about how some of the major brands/companies of today got to where they are now. Have a great weekend!
    Amanda @ Cupcake N Dreams

  4. lisarunsforcupcakes says:

    Thanks for sharing. I tend to only listen to running related podcasts while I’m on the treadmill. A few of these sound really interesting though! Perfect for listening to around the office too!

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