Honeymoon in a carryon

Roswell and I have been looking forward to our honeymoon for quite a while now. We got married in April last year and we already knew our honeymoon was going to be delayed until after the grad school semester had ended. When we were in the midst of our wedding planning and preparation, Roswell interviewed and accepted his new job position in Austin. Two weeks before the wedding, Roswell packed his car and headed to Austin – the very morning, we picked up our marriage license at the court-house in fact. He flew back the week of the wedding and the day after our wedding, I dropped him back at the airport so he could start his new job in Austin and we started our 8 months of living in different states.

Thankfully, that time is behind us now and I believe it made us stronger. And now, to celebrate our one year anniversary, we are finally able to go on our honeymoon! We will be spending 12 days exploring Amsterdam, Brussels and Paris. I always love to see what people bring along with them, especially when limiting themselves to a carry-on. So today, I thought I would share my choices for my honeymoon in carry-on!


Red & Blue Aztec Sweater: Stitch Fix |  Black & White Polka Dot Button Up: Old Navy | Medium Blue Chambray Button Up: Old Navy | 3/4 Sleeve Black Cardigan: Express | Gray Vintage Short Sleeve T: Old Navy | White T: Merona at Target | 4 various tanks in coordinating colors

Honeymoon_BottomsDressesJean leggings: Liverpool from Stitch Fix | Black ankle pants: Margaret M from Stitch Fix | Blue and White Stripe Dress: Old Navy | Red Crochet Overlay Dress: Uttam Dulce from Stitch Fix

Honeymoon_AccessoriesChervon Scarf: Pick Your Plum | Black Wedge Sandals: Merona at Target | Gray Yoga Sling Sandals: Sanuk | Black Pointed Toe Flats: Old Navy | Various jewelry

Now for the fun part, some of the various outfits I can mix and match while on vacation! The weather should be pretty nice while we’re there, a bit colder in Amsterdam and then warming up as we move south towards Paris.

Plane Outfit - Big comfy sweater with t-shirt and jean leggings Layering up for potentially chilly Amsterdam - cardigan, t-shirt with the black ankle pants DSC_0275 DSC_0277 DSC_0283 DSC_0273 DSC_0269 DSC_0286 DSC_0279 DSC_0288 One of my most favorite outfits - for our anniversary photo shoot our last day in Paris.

 These are just the few I came up with while packing and I’m really happy with my choices. As you can see, I have the red dress that I only plan on wearing once and I normally don’t condone bringing one use items, but it’s for a special cause! Roswell and I will be doing an anniversary photo shoot with Katie Mitchell Photography in Paris and it’s probably one of the things I’m looking forward to most on our trip!

I can’t wait to share photos of my outfits throughout the trip! Now, do you have any tips on places Roswell and I should check out while on our trip?


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