NAFHALF Training: Week 10 Recap

This week was long. I did a lot. In fact, I didn’t have a full rest day for an entire week. At the time, I didn’t realize it though. By the time Saturday hit, I was ready for a rest day. I was excited to make it to Bikram for the first time in a while – trying out a new studio closer to campus. I love that they have $10 community classes, since Bikram (and yoga in general) can be a bit pricey, even if those classes are at 6AM. I’m not sure how much of a regular thing I’ll be able to make it because of the bus schedule, it cuts it VERY close to when I should be at work.

My runs have been a little rough lately – and I’m feeling like I’m getting more and more behind every week. I have already decided after my fall races that I’m going to take a step back from longer distances and work at improving my speed and getting back closer to my 5K PR. I realized that when I first started running, I did so many 5Ks before I even thought about running longer distances. I worked continually at getting faster and reaching my sub 30 minute 5K goal. When I jumped back into running last year after taking time off, I jumped right into Dopey Challenge training as the way to motivate me. I was going from zero to sixty because I thought I could just run like I did before. I didn’t think about the months of work I put in previously. I want to spend at least the next year working on 5Ks and 10Ks and put myself in a better position for a half marathon PR in the future. On the bus Monday morning, I realized that if I was still feeling overwhelmed by the half marathon, I could always move to the Navy Five Miler and suddenly it felt like a weight had been lifted.  We’ll see what happens come September, the pressure was significantly less knowing that I had options.

Monday 7/17: Bikram Yoga (90:00)


Tuesday 7/18: Personal Training (60:00) Lower Body


My trainer worked me hard today – and it felt good! Lots of glute bridges and step ups. My quad is definitely feeling better since straining it exiting the plane a while ago, but still taking it slower and easier.

Wednesday 7/19: 2.43 mi (38:18) 15:44 min/mi (Easy run commute)


Thursday 7/20: AM: Personal Training (60:00) Upper Body | PM: 1.87 mi (30:00) 16:03 min/mi


Warm up 5 Minutes
Run @ 5.0 for 1 minute
Walk recovery for 1 minute
Run @ 5.1 for 1 minute, walk recovery 1 minute- continued this pattern up to 6.0 mph.
Cool down 5 minute walk

Friday 7/21: Swim 500 m (30:00) 5:29 min/100 yd (Easy recovery swim)


Saturday 7/22: Rest

Used my rest day to finally go and see Wonder Woman – I am loving the reclining seats in movie theaters! It was nice to literally put my feet up and relax for a few hours after a busy week!


Sunday 7/23: 6.49 mi (1:46:57) 16:29 min/mi

I ran the first three miles… and then the heat and humidity got to me. I just could not manage to start running again. There may have been tears. Thank goodness I had my podcasts to keep me distracted and entertained while making my way back to where we had started.

We did head to a Lost Socks Roasters and Timber Pizza Co pop up at Porron by Anxo. After having such a good experience at their tasting room, we wanted to check this place out. While the cider, coffee and food were good, the place itself was very loud thanks to the large group of parents allowing their young children to run around (including out the door onto the sidewalk outside) screaming. After having a rough run, it was not the best place to chill and relax. I do think that we would go back and cross our fingers to have a different atmosphere.

Total mileage for the week: 10.80 miles
Total mileage for NAFHALF training cycle: 86.09 miles



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2 thoughts on “NAFHALF Training: Week 10 Recap

  1. Darlene says:

    Wow! You had a busy week. You deserved a rest day.

    I totally get what you are saying. I have been constantly training for half marathons. So it makes it impossible to get back that speed. My 5ks have been ok but if I want to get a 5k Pr (mine is 3 years old), I need to stop my long runs and focus on speed. I keep saying that and then I sign up for another half.

    Thanks for linking up.

  2. HoHo Runs says:

    You had a great week with a nice variety of workouts! I feel like tearing up every time I walk out for a run. It’s hard to stay motivated in this weather. Why is it we put so much pressure on ourselves? I’m glad you have options and feel better about that. I too used to run tons of 5ks. I considered them speed work. I hope to get back to that this fall.

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