NAFHALF Training: Week 2

3BlackCatCo_NAFHALF_Week01Week 2 was a good one! 3 great runs plus a gym day. I’m glad I was able to fit in my runs, since I know memorial day weekend was going to be busy while we were in Florida.

I would like to incorporate more strength training. I know that swimming starting in June will help, but I need to find some more motivation to do additional workouts and yoga. How do you incorporate ALL THE THINGS in your training plan? 

Looking at registering for a 10k this weekend to help me hit the 6 miles on my training plan. However, based on my experience at the parkrun this last weekend, I worry that I’m pushing too hard during a race when I should be running slow. Have you registered for a race to “just run” as training run? 

Monday 5/22: Rest

I saw this on Runner’s World twitter – and it’s so true!

Tuesday 5/23: Prince George’s Running Club Track Workout: 3.53 miles total
Avg HR: 153 bpm | Max HR: 175 bpm | Aerobic TE: 3.7

Warmed up: 0.98 mi (14:08) then as a group we did a pyramid run: we ran for 1 minute, then 3 minutes, 5 minutes, 7 minutes and then back down, with 3 minutes rest in between each round. I definitely didn’t feel as great as last week. Looking back on my paces, I can tell I went too fast on my first two splits and that killed my third round. I pulled back on the 7 minutes and concentrated on running below Z5.

1:00: 0.1 mi @ 10:33 avg pace
3:00: 0.27 mi @ 11:02 avg pace
5:00: 0.39 mi @ 12:59 avg pace
7:00: 0.55 mi @ 12:37 avg pace
5:00: 0.41 mi @ 12:19 avg pace
3:00: 0.25 mi @ 12:04 avg pace
1:02: 0.09 mi @ 11:10 avg pace

Wednesday 5/24: AM: 50 min walk | PM: 30 min elliptical & 30 min strength and stretch

I walked to work today to get some blood flowing through my legs after last nights track workout. 20170524_082103The Navy-Air Force Half Marathon posted the 2017 medals – I like the blue! I’m excited to add this medal to my collection!

I headed to the gym after work and did 30 minutes on the elliptical and another 30 of single leg dead lifts and squats, plus hip bridges and clam shells, finishing with some foam rolling and stretching. I DID FOAM ROLL!


Thursday 5/25: 2.60 mi (35:34) 13:41 min/mi <- I don't always trust my Fitbit with distances. I typically average 2.47 miles on my run commutes – so that would be a 14:24 min/mi.

This run felt very slow. But I intentionally tried to slow down and run very easy. I was worried that I would be running home in the rain based on the weather forecast. Thankfully the sun came out and I was able to get home before the storm came in that evening.

Friday 5/26: Rest

Saturday 5/27: 4.03 mi (54:10) 13:27 min/mi plus 0.91mi cool down

I had 4 to 6 miles on the training plan for this weekend, so I decided to check out the College Park parkrun. I ran there as a warm up and then ran the 5K and ran/walked home as a cool down. I enjoyed the atmosphere; however, I’m not sure I do this for every long run, as I should run slower but the parkrun is more of timed 5K race but not race. I just ran faster than I should run my long runs, so while it was nice to get the volume in and run with a group, it’s easier to run slower on my own.

After the parkrun in the morning, we headed out to the airport to head to Florida for the long weekend.


Sunday 5/28: Rest day – FLORIDA. 🙂

Total mileage for the week: 10.93 miles
Total mileage for NAFHALF training cycle: 19.78 miles

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  1. Chaitali says:

    Hope you had fun in Florida! I did the same thing with the race as a training run this weekend. I told myself I could go slow since it’s just a small local run but definitely did not do it at an easy pace. It’s just too easy to get carried away with a race I guess. Thanks for recommending the Garmin heart rate training plans 🙂 I just started using one last week.

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