NAFHALF Training: Week 7 & 8 Recap

It’s been a busy two weeks! I was feeling really beat up at the end of June – I’m not sure if I’ve been taking on too much too fast (it doesn’t seem like too much!) or if it’s just diet related (I’ve been noticing a lack of protein in my diet). I’ve been trying to take it easy on my runs and work in cross training if I’m too tired for running. I’m feeling positive about my weeks coming up – even though I’m freaking out about this:

My goal for NAFHALF is to PR my half marathon time, and I’m just feeling like with my training, that’s not going to happen. I don’t want to give up and I’ll definitely be running it in September. I just wonder if I should be looking for a half marathon later in the fall or even early next year, just in case.

What do you do if your training isn’t going the way you’d hoped?

Monday 6/26: AM: 2.00 mi (29:14) 14:36 min/mi | Swim Lesson #5 (40:00)

Slow Steady recovery run commute in the morning. Swim Lesson #5 in the evening.

Tuesday 6/27: 2.33 mi (32:03) 13:45 min/mi

Decided to try to tackle Strava’s #MyMile – aiming for your fastest mile in June. While it’s not my fastest mile ever, it’s certainly the fastest I’ve done in a while – and I guess the fastest I’ve done with this watch! People on the track were crazy today – riding bikes (yes, ON THE TRACK), running clockwise when everyone else was running counter clockwise. etc. I didn’t make it much longer than my warm up and mile run.

Wednesday 6/28: Swim Lesson #6 (40:00)

Thursday 6/29: Fitness Assessment (30:00)


I’m starting personal training next week so we started with a fitness assessment to gauge my progress over the next six weeks. I know I need to incorporate strength training or I’m just going to keep getting injured so I’m hoping that these personal training sessions will get me in the routine that I’ll be able to carry on my own after the sessions are finished.

We didn’t actually measure body fat – so we can ignore that. Otherwise, we did a 3 minute step test, after which we measured my heart rate. My heart rate was 89 BPM after the 3 minutes – which ranked me at well above average. I did 27 curl ups (average), 16 knee push ups (average) and hit an average of 12.6 inches for the Sit-Reach Hip Flexion (well below average).

Friday 6/30: Rest

I was feeling a bit beat up this week so I took Friday off to stretch and foam roll.

Saturday 7/1: Rest

Spent Saturday with friends – first at Right Proper Brewing Company’s Shaw Brew Pub and then tried a new cider bar ANXO. I was very impressed with ANXO – their menu and their service!

Sunday 7/2: Rest

I tweaked something in my calf on Friday night and, even through Saturday night ,was in immense pain. I actually ended up at the doctor’s on Sunday morning to make sure I didn’t have anything serious wrong with my leg. I decided just to take it easy and skip my long run for this week.

Total mileage for the week: 6.65 miles
Total mileage for June: 41.59 miles

Monday 7/3: Personal Training (60:00)

I had my first personal training session today and we concentrated on lower body. We went through the correct form and got the movements down. As I progress, we’ll increase the weights! We did barbell squats, deadlifts, hip bridges, lunges, step ups, plus core work including planks and sit ups.

Tuesday 7/4: 3.51 mi (54:28) 15:30 min/mi

We got started later than we wanted to so it was fairly hot outside and the park was crowded! But still managed three easy miles, just feeling out how my calf felt.


Wednesday 7/5: Swim 800 yd (37:33) 4:42 min/100 yd

No swim lessons this week – but I still managed to make it to the pool and swim some laps. I even worked on my flip turns! I can get them easily when I’m just practicing the turns – I end up with a nose full of water when I attempt them while I’m swimming laps. Oh well, practice makes perfect!

Thursday 7/6: AM: Bike 3.20 mi (25:00) 7.7 mph | PM: Personal Training (60:00)

I had planned on running to work, but there were thunderstorms in the forecast and while I’ll run in rain, I try to avoid lightning. So Roswell dropped me off at the gym and I just did an easy bike ride. I headed back to the gym after work and met with my personal trainer for upper body! I did the bench press, overhead press, lat pull down – completely failed on pushups. I tried to do the same push up four times – I just wanted to finish off the final set of five (dropped from ten, because that wasn’t going to happen!), but I couldn’t get up from that fifth push up. Something to work on for sure!

Friday 7/7: 4.71 mi (1:13:24) 15:35 min/mi


I was invited to attend a leadership conference for my sorority  in Indianapolis and wanted to make sure that I would get a run in before I was too busy during the conference. So I dressed in my running clothes, boarded the plane and off I went. As soon as I dropped my bags at the hotel, I headed out on my run. There was a great river walk right near the hotel that I had looked at online. It was really lovely, but it was closed at one point and while there was a crushed gravel path that skirted the closure, it was much further away from the main road, and I just didn’t feel comfortable running there on my own. So I turned around and attempted to followed the detour on the signs. I ended up way off the route I’d planned and by the time I made it back to the river walk, I was just ready to head back to the hotel. My pace had been all over the place (maybe from the several cups of coffee I’d had by that point) and it was getting very warm. The run itself was very pretty – I was very surprised by all of the sculptures in the park!



Saturday 7/8: Rest

I spent Saturday inside during the conference – but learned some new things from our breakout sessions and heard some amazing speakers.

Sunday 7/9: Rest

Sunday morning, I had the opportunity to participate in the first service project for our new philanthropic focus of Fighting Hunger. We packaged over 74,000 meals for local families in Indiana and had a blast doing it!

Total mileage for the week: 8.22 miles
Total mileage for NAFHALF training cycle: 66.87 miles

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  1. HoHo Runs says:

    I love it when my Garmin tells me I’ve hit a milestone (even though it’s a new watch LOL). I’m glad your calf wasn’t anything serious. I’ll be interested in hearing how you like your personal training. Is it once per week that you meet with the trainer?

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