NAFHALF Training: Week 9 Recap

This week was good in terms of working out – I did two personal training sessions, I swum twice, I even did a mobility workout after my easy run on Wednesday. But I’m just not getting volume of running that I’d like. I try to following the 10% rule (or 1 mile per week) – but if I’m adding a mile to my long run and then adding an additional run during the week, I don’t want to do too much and get burn out. I just would like to try to find some balance in my training plan! 
Monday 7/10: Swim Lesson #7 (40:00)

I finished off my swim lessons today – with some drills for freestyle and breaststroke and attempting butterfly. Since I don’t anticipate needing butterfly in the future, I gave it my best effort but didn’t let it stress me out!

Tuesday 7/11: Personal Training (60:00) Lower Body

I tweaked my quad while exiting the plane on Sunday, so I had a difficult time with lunges. Otherwise, everything else went well – I upped my squat weight 15 pounds!

Wednesday 7/12: 2.41 mi (34:06) 14:10 min/mi & NTC Open Rotation

Easy run commute to work followed by a Nike Training Club app workout, Open Rotation. I made sure to get in my run this morning since I would be driving to Reston later to see Falsettos! The show was amazing (although I think the projection was a little screwy – cutting off the top of everyone’s heads) and I cried through the second act!

Thursday 7/13: Personal Training (60:00) Upper Body

Oh man, I feel really weak in my upper body. Because I literally worked to failure last week and it was not as far as I should have gotten, we started with pushups, thinking that doing pushups before the bench press and overhead press might help. Well, it did, until I had to go to the bench press and could barely lift the bar… hopefully this will get easier in the next few weeks!

Friday 7/14: Rest

I had planned to go swimming after work, but then thunderstorms rolled through our area and the pool was closed. Sad Faces.

Saturday 7/15: Swim 500 yd (25:00) 5:00 min/100 yd

I made it to the pool Saturday afternoon after a frustrating experience at the optometrist, so by the time I made it into the water, I wasn’t really feeling it. I managed a little less than 30 minutes and called it a day.

Sunday 7/16: 6.01 mi (1:19:54) 13:18 min/mi

This run actually felt really good. I was worried because I hadn’t eaten really well the day before and I know I didn’t get enough water, but the weather was really nice and it was a nice change of scenery. My schedule called for 6 miles with 3 easy and 3 building towards race pace. Because I haven’t been running as much as I ought to be, I decided to not worry about paces and just run. I did manage to finish with my last mile right around 11:25, so I’ll call that a win!

Total mileage for the week: 8.42 miles
Total mileage for NAFHALF training cycle: 75.29 miles

Training plan this week:
Monday: AM Bikram Yoga & PM Swim
Tuesday: AM Personal Training
Wednesday: AM Run commute & PM Swim?
Thursday: AM Personal Training & PM Run (Speed?)
Friday: AM Run commute
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: Long Run (plan calls for 9-10… aiming realistically for 7-8)

weeklywrap Linking up this week with the Weekly Wrap, hosted by Hoho Runs and MissSippiPiddlin and guest host Janelle @ Run With No Regrets.

Also joining Courtney over at Eat Pray Run DC for her marathon/half marathon training linkup!

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