Race Recap: The Great Pumpkin Run 5K

This past weekend, we participated in our first race here in Maryland!  The Great Pumpkin Run is a race series in 8 different cities, touting themselves as the “Premier Fall 5K Run.” The Maryland event was held at Crumland Farms in Frederick.

Roswell and I had driven an hour in Friday night traffic to pick up our bibs and tech hoodies. When we arrived, we were informed that the race organizer hadn’t brought enough hoodies with them to packet pickup and they didn’t have our sizes. We were going to have to pick them up at the race Saturday morning.

Bright and early the next morning, Roswell and I jumped into my parents car with my brother and nieces and we were off to the farm! We arrived, without incident, thanks to the instructions from the race organizers regarding the multiple u-turns. When traffic was backed up at the first turn around, we simply drove to the second and turned around without any problems. After parking, we toured the farm. My brother picked up his pumpkin that he would carry with him for the 3.1 miles as part of the Tough Pumpkin challenge. And we finally got our white tech hoodies.


The farm had plenty of activities, like slides, bike tracks and sandboxes, to keep my nieces occupied while we waited to start the race and while we were running. Before it we knew it, it was our wave and our turn to head out on our run.


The race started on a gravel farm road and looped around by a barn (GOATS!).


From there, the race turned onto the path of the farm’s haunted barn. It was fun running through the course as it was interesting to look at, but the footing was rough, consisting of big rocks and at that point, I was dodging walkers who were taking up large portions of the path.


Once we exited the haunted portion, we headed around the corn field and then into the corn maze. The path got SO narrow and with the number of walkers, I slowed considerably. There were a number of runners asking walkers to move to the right, but there were several walkers that didn’t seem to want to listen. As a run/walker during longer races, I try to be considerate of others behind me and move to the right and hold up a hand or say walking so they know that I’ll be slowing down.

Once we left the corn field, it was nearly the end of the run. After finishing the race, we grabbed a bottle of apple cider and watched my nieces play on the farm.




Overall, it was a fun race and a good experience despite the complaints I mentioned above.

Have you done a Great Pumpkin run or other fall themed race?

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    • heathermundwiler says:

      The cider was nice! And it was in bottle, so I was able to take it home with me to save for another day. My poor husband, though, who is wrapped around my niece’s finger, “shared” his with her!

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