Stitch Fix No. 10 – June 2015

Stitch Fix June 2015 | 3 Black Cat Co.Happy Monday, friends! I received my 10th Stitch Fix this past weekend and am excited to share it with you today.

Last month, I won a $50 Gift Card from Elif over at The Box Queen. She is currently up to 25 fixes and she always providing great inspiration on how to style her Stitch Fix items. Please take a minute to go check out her out at The Box Queen, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest! Thank you so much, Elif! After winning the gift card, I was even more excited to get my fix in the mail!

For this fix, I stressed it was summer and I live in Texas – in hopes, that I would not receive two sweaters again this fix. I asked for summer friendly clothes – maybe some shorts – as well as summery business casual clothing like bra-friendly tops, knee length skirts and capris. Let’s see how my stylist did!

Stitch Fix June 2015 Stylist Note | 3 Black Cat Co.

I’ll admit I was a little nervous when I peeked at what was coming my way – lots of tops, but also a pencil skirt which I had bad luck with last time. But when I opened my fix, I was definitely pleasantly surprised and even more surprised after I tried everything on and took photos. This is such a good point to make – always try EVERYTHING on. That’s the whole point of Stitch Fix for me – it pushes me out of my comfort zone to try on things I wouldn’t normally pick out in a store. I tend to gravitate to very similar items, so much so that I have several items in my closet that are nearly duplicates despite buying them at different stores at different times. I started with the….

RENEE C Edmondo Stud Detailed Split-Back Blouse [$38.00] +
RENEE C Melisa Mixed Geo Print Pencil Skirt [$48.00] 

StitchFix_June2015_EdmondoStudDetailedSplitBackBlouse01StitchFix_June2015_EdmondoStudDetailedSplitBackBlouse02   StitchFix_June2015_MelisaMixedGeoPrintPencilSkirt02 StitchFix_June2015_MelisaMixedGeoPrintPencilSkirt01

Again, I followed the suggestions of my stylist and paired these two items together. I wasn’t sure when I pulled on the skirt and the top until I saw the photos…


I was really excited for the top when I pulled it out of the box and LOVED the color (remember my coral sweater from my last fix?), but I already had a similar skirt from a previous fix. So I put them in the maybe pile and moved on to…

41HAWTHORN Veria Cross Over Knit Top [$48.00]

StitchFix_June2015_VeriaCrossOverKnitTop02 StitchFix_June2015_VeriaCrossOverKnitTop01

I really dislike tops like this. Knit tops that are clingy are not my jam. But as always, I tried to keep an open mind and tried it on with my Liverpool Jeans from my last fix.

StitchFix_June2015_VeriaCrossOverKnitTop03 StitchFix_June2015_VeriaCrossOverKnitTop04

Roswell really liked the top and I liked it more than I thought I would, so another one for the maybe pile…

Next up… MARKET & SPRUCE Forster Henley Top [$44.00]

StitchFix_June2015_ForsterHenleyTop01 StitchFix_June2015_ForsterHenleyTop02

I was really excited about this top when I pulled it out of the box. It was sort of something I would pick up in a store but never end up trying on for one reason or another. I like the color palette and thought it would be great summer work shirt.

StitchFix_June2015_ForsterHenleyTop04 StitchFix_June2015_ForsterHenleyTop03

I really liked the top, and have high hopes that during for my 30 by 30 project the top will look even better. On to the item I was most anticipating and dreading, because I knew I would love but the price scared me a bit…

 DONNA MORGAN Dionne Eyelet Dress [$158.00]

StitchFix_June2015_DionneEyeletDress01 StitchFix_June2015_DionneEyeletDress02

The price tag was definitely a hefty one. But I can totally see why. The details of this dress were so on point and the weight was great. While I argued the point with Roswell that I already had two navy blue dresses in my closet, I counter argued my own point that I wear dresses to work four to five days a week and I would rather replace lower quality items I have in my closet with nicer items.


This was my favorite piece, it was Roswell’s favorite piece and I fought with myself for a really really long time about what to keep and what to send back. At one point while editting the photos for this blog post, I was going to keep everything. And when I finished the blog post, I was only going to keep the dress. Seriously, friends, when I scheduled this post last night, I was only going to keep the dress and return the rest. But the Buy 5 Discount (you receive a 25% if you purchase all five items in your fix) was making me lean towards keeping it all.

I had a long conversation with Roswell after writing the blog post and making the decision just to keep the dress. I could tell he was little disappointed because he really liked some of the other items. I wanted to be really honest with myself in the idea that I was trying to minimize my wardrobe to items I really love and cut the clutter. So Roswell said, “are there pieces in your closet right now that you can and would replace these items with?” So at 10pm last night, we venture into our closet and start asking the hard questions and I got rid of more than 5 pieces of clothing that I have not worn in a while, including pieces that I had not worn since before I even met Roswell six years ago. So in the end, I kept it all and ended up cleaning out some of the clutter in my closet in the process.

So what do you think – did I make the right choice to keep it all? What would have you kept or returned?

If you haven’t tried Stitch Fix yet, I totally encourage you to try at least once. There is a $20 stylist fee that is applied to whatever you purchase in that fix and I have always bought at least one item in my fixes. Visit Stitch Fix to fill out your own style profile.

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Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I signed up for Stitch Fix and purchased the box myself. I’m sharing my opinions and photos because I think they will help others. This post does contain affiliate links for new sign-ups that gives me a small credit. I want my readers to know that even if this were a sponsored post, it would sound exactly the same because I will always be honest with you and myself when writing my posts and tell you exactly what I think.

6 thoughts on “Stitch Fix No. 10 – June 2015

  1. TheBoxQueen says:

    Heather since you won the SF gift card giveaway I was curious to see what you would receive and keep! I am so excited for you that you received a great Stitch Fix and kept it all! ( totally the right decision I think as you rock all the pieces 🙂 That dress, and despite your initial reservations, the Crossover Knit Top look especially amazing on you! Enjoy it all lovely lady. XOXO, Elif

  2. Megan @ Meg Go Run says:

    I was on the edge of my seat waiting to see what you decided about the clothes! Since you had the 25% discount that really softens the price tag a bit. The dress IS so classic and since it’s quality you will certainly get your money’s worth!

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