Stitch Fix No. 9 – April 2015

Stitch Fix No. 9 April 2015 - 3 Black Cat Co.I have been doing Stitch Fix for nearly two years and just received my ninth fix. While in Virginia, I typically only got fixes once every other month or once a quarter and skipped my last one since I moved to Austin and didn’t have the dispensable income to shop for clothing at that time. I have really enjoyed the (semi) stress free shopping all in the comfort of my own home. I also like that you’re not locked into getting fixes every month and get them when they are convenient for you – automatically every 3 weeks, month, every other month or every quarter or you can schedule each fix individually. I have quite a few pieces in my closet that I’ve received over my past eight fixes and I absolutely love them (17 pieces kept out of a total of 40 sent). My last four fixes have been styled by the same stylist Natalia, who has sent me two fixes where I kept all five items – she’s a rock star for me.

With Roswell and I’s belated honeymoon coming up, I requested travel friendly clothes to take along on our adventure. Let’s see how my stylist did this time!

Stitch Fix No. 9 April 2015 Stylist Note - 3 Black Cat Co.

Following my stylist’s suggestions, I started with the EIGHT SIXTY Iona Pencil Skirt.

EIGHT SIXTY Iona Pencil Skirt from Stitch Fix - 3 Black Cat Co.

EIGHT SIXTY Iona Pencil Skirt $58.00

As you can see there is no picture of me in this – I felt like this skirt ran a full size small and I couldn’t even begin to zip it up. I think I just need to accept I’ve got a set of full hips and maybe pencil skirts aren’t the best option for me! However, I’ve been loving all of the florals I’ve been seeing all over Pinterest and was really glad that my stylist was paying attention to my Pinterest board.

VERDICT: Returned.

Next, I pulled out the LEMON TART Lanna Boat Neck Sweater that she suggested I pair with the skirt.

LEMON TART Lanna Boat Neck Sweater $68.00

LEMON TART Lanna Boat Neck Sweater $68.00

I love this sweater – the color, the weight, the cut. It’s fantastic. I grabbed the LIVERPOOL Mira Skinny Jean to complete the love and I was in love.

LIVERPOOL Mira Skinny Jean $78.00

LIVERPOOL Mira Skinny Jean $78.00

LIVERPOOL Mira Skinny Jean with LEMON TART Lanna Boat Neck Sweater #stitchfix - 3 Black Cat Co.These skinny jeans (jeggings, really – but who likes that word?) will be PERFECT for traveling. They are super comfortable and I can’t wait to wear them in Europe.

[One note – the Lanna Boat Neck Sweater had a pull near the neckline when I pulled it out of the box. No fear, though! One quick email to Stitch Fix‘s customer service and they were able to locate the same item and offered an exchange. They can’t always do this but it’s always worth a shot to try if you really love an item.]

VERDICT: Kept both the (new) sweater and the jeans!

Next up was the LE LIS Maude Floral Dress.

LE LIS Maude Floral Dress $78.00

LE LIS Maude Floral Dress $78.00

LE LIS Maude Floral Dress #stitchfix - 3 Black Cat Co.

I loved this dress and it was one of Roswell’s favorites. It was comfortable and I can definitely see myself wearing this even as it gets hotter this summer.

VERDICT: Definite Keep!

Hesitantly, I followed my stylist’s suggestion and paired the dress with the MYSTREE Lovella Ruffle Back Cardigan.

MYSTREE Lovella Ruffle Back Cardigan $64.00 MYSTREE Lovella Ruffle Back Cardigan $64.00

MYSTREE Lovella Ruffle Back Cardigan $64.00

MYSTREE Lovella Ruffle Back Cardigan with LE LIS Maude Floral Dress #stitchfix - 3 Black Cat Co.

This is just not my style. I felt like the patterns clashed and didn’t work together – WAY too busy. Roswell really liked the sweater so I gave it another shot – this time pairing it with the LIVERPOOL Mira Skinny Jean.MYSTREE Lovella Ruffle Back Cardigan with LIVERPOOL Mira Skinny Jean #stitchfix - 3 Black Cat Co.

This was MUCH more my style and I actually really liked the sweater more after this. However, while I haven’t experienced a Texas summer yet, I’ve heard they get pretty hot and I just couldn’t justify buying two sweaters right before summer.

VERDICT: Returned.

So what do you think – did I make the right choices? What would have you kept?

If you haven’t tried Stitch Fix yet, I totally encourage you to try at least once. There is a $20 stylist fee that is applied to whatever you purchase in that fix and I have always bought at least one item in my fixes. Visit Stitch Fix to fill out your own style profile. Full disclosure: if you sign up through one of the links on this post, I will receive a small credit when you sign up (and when you sign up, you can get your own referral code, share it with your friends, and get credit, too!) But the truth is, I would tell you about this anyway because it is literally the only way I buy new clothes lately!

10 thoughts on “Stitch Fix No. 9 – April 2015

  1. katie wilkinson says:

    I live in Austin too. It does get hot here as you stated. In fact, we tease about having two seasons: mild winter and summer. I would have kept the fringed sweater even though we’re already into summer. It would have been perfect around November when things begin to cool off. We have so few really cold days that the sweater definitely would see you all the way through winter.

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