Bindlestick Brewing Company Brew Kettles

Brewery Visit: Bindlestick Brewing Company

Hello! Roswell here. Heather has asked me to be a part of her creative outlet documenting our adventures in good ol’ Austin, TX. I will be giving my input from time to time and, we should probably grab a beer sometime. Seriously, if you see an awkward looking beerded dude at a bar in Austin, come up and say hi, it may be me. I just got back from a run on this gloomy afternoon and figured I might as well buckle down and write blog post while I listen to Tycho and watch some hockey.

Lately, wherever you go, there always seems like there is at least 4,000 breweries opening up every second. This can be a bit overwhelming at times and, with the advent of social media, there is always a “have to have” beer that seemingly pops up out of nowhere every second of every day. How does a beer lover deal with that? Empty your bank account spending $30 on a bomber every time a unicorn is released because you have to have a beer that will never exist ever again? Drink beer all day? Sure! But, even that becomes a chore at times (oh shut up Mr. 22 year old “I can drink beer all day”…I’m turned 30 in March, drink one for me…jerk-face…). The best thing I can do at this point in time in my life is appreciate the little things. These little things include one of my things to do with the wonderful founder of this blog: visiting breweries!!!!!


So, with that being said, we went to Bindlestick Brewing Company on Saturday in March. I have a soft spot in my heart for true grass-roots breweries that are built on one thing… love of beer. From the moment you walk in to their industrial complex entrance, you get the feel that these guys are working their asses off. There isn’t much around, but, what you do see is a sense of pride. You see two guys that are just flat out excited to do what they do. Their “Monkey Wagon” is the first true indicator that these guys are just having fun. It is delicious amber ale that hits all of the wonderful malty notes with a truly great hop aroma. These guys are going places, and, I hope those places include expanding into the lot next to theirs. Their next beer, the peculiar “Candy Mountain” IPA is… different. You will stand there wondering, “What the heck makes this an IPA?” I had to stand there and think about it for a bit… “Candy mountain… did they put sweet tarts in to it? Nooo, Swedish fish? Nah…Well, I might as well ask one of the owners that is coming over to say ‘Hi’”.  Pleasantries are exchanged and we get down to talking about beers, business, and just all around brewery life. The “candy” in Candy Mountain is ginger. I’ve had a few beers in my lifetime, and, that includes more than a few ginger beers. That being said, if you had a knife to my throat and tried to force me to pin down the flavor, I couldn’t tell you.  This is a good thing… seriously. To have a flavor that you can’t pin down as a beer appreciator, well, it’s is a really neat experience.  All of their beers have the intangible factor that I have known to appreciate as love. Love includes a few things, cleanliness, attention to detail, and quality of ingredients. These guys have all of it.

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This is their baby and it shows. It is a family affair here at Bindlestick Brewing Company the brewer, the husband, the wife, the incredibly well behaved kid. This gives me hope that craft beer really isn’t a gimmick… it is here to stay.