Run a Faster 5K: Fit Foodie Run Week 4

You know what is not awesome two weeks before your race? Getting a poison sumac rash. Ugh I have been dealing with an awful rash from working in the yard a few weeks ago (who knew it could take two weeks for a reaction to show?!). Unfortunately, I’ve missed some runs as I’m been recovering. I think it will be a slow recovery (up to two weeks) – but I’ve got medication and I’m on the mend.

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Run a Faster 5K: Fit Foodie Run Week 1

Last week, I started my training for the Fit Foodie 5K on June 2 (before I really start training for the Chicago Marathon). My goal is always to run faster, so I jumped on Pinterest for a 6 week plan to do just that. I settled on this “Run a Faster 5K” plan from Popsugar:

(There’s also a plan if this your first 5K, in case you’re new to running or getting started after a break!)

I chose the Faster 5K plan, because I knew I would like to work on my speed for the Chicago Marathon but I wanted to start slowly. I liked the mix of tempo runs (which I haven’t done much of) and intervals (which I love) in this plan. I already have two days of strength training built in with my personal training, and I’m always looking to add in yoga when I can.

I only missed one run this week, due to some aches in my knee. My knee is crackling a little more than I would like, so I’m adding some glucosamine and chondroitin to my vitamin regimen and some hip exercises and more foam rolling to my routine in hopes to ward of anything more serious.

Any tips and tricks to share for an achy knee?

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Friday Five: Reasons to Run the Fit Foodie 5K

I’m so excited to join the team as a 2018 Fit Foodie Run ambassador! I ran the Austin Fit Foodie 5K for the first time back in 2015 and had an awesome time at the race and an even better time at the post race festival!

This year, the Fit Foodie Run (and AMAZING post race festival) will be in 4 locations around the country:
🍍Fairfax, VA – June 2 (this is the one I’m running!)
🍉Austin, TX – June 23
🍊 Denver, CO – July 28
🍓 San Diego, CA – October 20th

For my Friday Five, I thought I would share my top reasons to run the Fit Foodie Run this year!

Food + Fitness

The Fit Foodie Run is all about the combination of a healthy lifestyle and delicious food – something I can definitely get behind. (…#WILLRUNFORFOOD)

No Kid Hungry

I’m excited about Fit Foodie Run’s continuing partnership with the No Kid Hungry campaign, which connects kids in need with nutritious food and teaches their families how to cook healthy, affordable meals. The campaign also engages the public to make ending child hunger a national priority. Recently, my sorority announced their new national philanthropic focus of Fighting Hunger and I’m excited to contribute to this mission through the Fit Foodie Run.

Post Race Food & Fitness Festival

The post run Food & Fitness Festival features bites from local restaurants, beer garden, mini-workout classes, cooking demonstrations, and more.

Last year, runners in Fairfax had the opportunity to meet Des Linden and Ryan Hall. I mean, 2018 Boston Marathon Winner DES LINDEN! How cool is that? I don’t know who will be there this year, but I’m looking forward to their announcement!


You can use code HEATHERFF for $5 off of your registration for any of the Fit Foodie cities:
Fairfax,  Austin, Denver, and San Diego!What city would you like to run the Fit Foodie 5K in?
Find Fit Foodie Run on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram!

I’m joining Running on Happy & Fairytales and Fitness for their Friday Five 2.0 linkup!

Credit Union Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run: Week 1

And the first official week of #CUCB2018 is complete! This week was a little weird – we spent Wednesday evening at urgent care due to some back pain Roswell was experiencing. Thankfully he’s on the mend. I’m still attempting to find a balance between my strength training and running, in addition to the nutrition plan from my trainer. I’d like to practice yoga at least once next week as well as add a recovery run after my long run.

Are you blogging about your Credit Union Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run training? Join our #CUCB2018 link up! Click To Tweet

Are you blogging your training for CUCB2018? The 2018 Race Ambassadors and Social Media team is hosting a blog link up and we would love for you to join! Hop down to the link up below and add your latest training post. But don’t just drop your link and run – the best part of a link up is connecting with other runners. The more you interact with others, the more they’ll interact with you!

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Weekly Wrap: October 30 – November 5

Last week was a bit all over the place. Roswell had the flu (or at least, what we think was the flu), so I spent a lot of time running around, picking up soup and other comfort items when someone is sick, as well as trying to still do my workouts and keep the house in one piece. I honestly don’t know how people with families do it!

Still I really only missed one planned workout and then swapped another one, so I’m not feeling horrible about my accomplishments last week. I thankfully am feeling alright (*knock on wood*) and Roswell is back at work today, so back to normal!

Has the flu reached you yet this season? What are your go to home remedies? 

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Weekly Wrap: September 11-24

Last week was a little rough for me, which is why you’re getting two weeks today! Following the Disneyland weekend, I started loosely following the Nike Run Club “Get More Fit” training plan but I really had a hard time getting motivated for my runs the last two weeks. The Nike Run Club has introduced a few different kinds of runs, like a benchmark run and a tempo run. However, after the Navy 5 Miler, I updated my training calendar to the last few weeks of the Garmin Connect 10K training plan. (Garmin Ambassador Linz at Sharp Endurance has a great post on how to Download Training Plans to your Garmin Connect Device)

Since I’m not in training for anything monumental (just the Marine Corps 10K in October), I was shifting into a more mindful eating mindset and I wanted to give 21 Day Fix (or something like that program) a try. I thought it would be good because my portions have gotten a bit out of wack. However, I believe that the program was too restrictive because it sent me into a tailspin of anxiety and depression. Since giving up the boxes and just trying to be mindful but not restrictive, my mood has improved immensely. Instead of focusing on food, I think I’m going to focus on making sure I’m getting enough active time and changing up what I’m doing so I’m not just running all of the time. I’ve made a goal to try a different class at the gym every week.

Are you training for a big fall race or just maintaining right now?

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Cherry Blossom Training – Week 3


Training is going pretty steadily after week three. I’m happy with building my long run distance; however, I’d also like to slowly build up my weekly mileage as well. I would like to add an additional day of running in the week, but just a short distance. Time is definitely at a premium though, so I want to make sure I’m getting enough rest as well. I’m still working on foam rolling and stretching daily – sometimes my bed is just calling my name too loudly at night!
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Dopey Challenge Training – Week 13

I had a fairly alright week in training, even with starting my new job this past week! I wanted to make sure I got a run in on Monday since I slacked off last Sunday. The rest of the week was a little bit of a blur as I got used to my new commute and trying to figure out when the best time for working out would be for me now. I plan on throwing in a few morning runs in the coming week to see if those work better for me or if I should stick to after work runs. My PT did mention that she thought that I might be coming up on my last appointment with her. I do think that my injury has improved and I’m working on strengthening my hips and core, and now the rest of my lower body. She wanted me to go on one longer run before discharging me though, so on Sunday I went on a prescribed 5 mile run. I experienced some frustration with my FitBit and I’m now questioning it’s accuracy. Do you have a FitBit that you use specifically for running? Have you ever had any problems with the distance it tracks?  Continue reading

Dopey Challenge Training – Week 7

Errr. This week did not go as planned. I started to feel some hip pain early in the week and by Wednesday, I knew it was not good. I tried to run on Thursday and I made it about 5 steps before stopping. I have been resting and icing and stretching throughout the week. I’m hoping to ease back into running next week. Wish me luck!


I did discover watermelon + sea salt = party in my mouth. I loved this great way to hydrate after being outside on a hot day! Continue reading

A Different Kind of 30 by 30 + A Life Update!

Happy Monday friends! It’s been a crazy time over in the 3 Black Cat Company world. I started a brand new job as academy director at TexARTS a few weeks and definitely hit the ground running with their annual showcase weekend and spring ballet. I’m excited to get the summer camp season started and see what our students produce! In addition, last week I had the chance to attend the 3rd Austin Blogger Mixer and the opening of the Austin Stitch Fix office. I am looking forward to sharing those soon! Continue reading