Run Chat Hunt: June 2017 edition

Twice a year, RunChat hosts a photo scavenger hunt to seek out follower-submitted and selected items. You can see my previous Run Chat Hunt photos from December 2016 here. This time around I tried to challenge myself to limit myself to one photo per run (to increase my number of runs) and to attempt to think about the photos I was taking a bit more. I miss taking photographs like I used to do all of the time, so I wanted to put a bit more care into the photos I was taking, even if just for something fun like this scavenger hunt! I did alright limited myself to one per run, until I hit the last weekend and found three items during my long run. I also am happy with a majority of the photos I took. While there are some items like sunrise or sunset (simply because I don’t run that early [5:45] or late [8:45]!) or yard sale that were hard, so I took what I could get. My favorites of this batch were the local diner/restaurant and the public art (one of my favorites to photograph anyway!).

Did you participate in this (or any) RunChatHunts?
Do you like to stop and take pictures during your runs?


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Winter 2016 #RunChatHunt

I’ve been having a blast finding all of the items for this edition of the #RunChatHunt – now that I’ve found everything, I thought I would share all of them here for a Photo Friday!

Holiday inflatable




Kids Farm at the National Zoo

Trail marker


Rockville Millennium Trail

Body of water


Rock Creek

Historic Landmark


Washington Monument



Spied Santa through the trees from the trail

Your running shoes


Currently loving my Saucony Guide 10s!

A brewery

Something that represents your community


I feel very fortunate that The National Zoo is practically in my backyard! 

Race start line


Jingle All the Way 5K & 15K Start Line

Runner sticker on a vehicle

State/county/city/country border

Honeymoon Series: Brussels & Bruges

This is post continues our honeymoon series – I can’t wait to share them all with you! If you have any specific questions, just let me know in the comments below or email me at!

After spending three amazing days in Amsterdam and getting used to being on vacation, we packed up our bags and walked to the train station to catch our train to Brussels. One thing that I LOVE about Europe is the ease of getting around. I wish that we had trains in the States that could just take us to another country! In less than two hours, we had left the Netherlands and arrived in Belgium. Conveniently, our hotel was again right next to the train station (literally across the street) and we walked off the train and set off to our hotel. We stayed at the Park Inn by Radisson Brussels Midi and I worry that we may have been a little too spoiled by the Grand Amrath in Amsterdam. We thought the location was great being right next to the train station and a ten minute walk to our reason for going to Brussels (more on this later), but it was really far away from the main downtown area that we spent a majority of our time. The quality was okay, but nothing near where we stayed in Amsterdam (or even some hotels in the States).


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Honeymoon Series: Amsterdam

This is the first of many different kinds of posts about our honeymoon – I can’t wait to share them all with you! If you have any specific questions, just let me know in the comments below or email me at!

Bridge over Herengracht in Amsterdam | Photo by Heather Mundwiler

Nearly a year after getting married, Roswell and I finally packed our bags and embarked on our amazing trip. We knew that we wanted to go to Europe and actually had a honeymoon registry for our wedding in lieu of a traditional gift registry. Having an extra year to save also helped us truly make this an unforgettable trip. Continue reading

Photo Friday: #TexasToDo Instawalk

Last weekend was a busy one! On Sunday, Roswell and I headed out to explore the Zilker Botanical Garden for the first #TexasToDo InstaWalk with Texas Tourism, Visit Austin TX, and Elaine and Taylor, travel and lifestyle bloggers from Local Wanderer! Having recently moved to Austin, I’m still exploring and was stoked to visit the Botanical Garden since I hadn’t made it there yet. The garden was amazing, with a ton of different areas that we didn’t even make it to, and I can’t wait to go back and explore more!

#TexasToDo Zilker Botantical Garden#TexasToDo Zilker Botantical Garden#TexasToDo Zilker Botantical Garden#TexasToDo Zilker Botantical Garden  #TexasToDo Zilker Botantical Garden
#TexasToDo Zilker Botantical Gardenvvvv#TexasToDo Zilker Botantical GardenSilly Faces at Zilker Botanical Garden  #TexasToDo Zilker Botantical Garden
Posing for the Camera at Zilker Botanical Garden

If you’re interested in meeting cool people and taking photos (in the Austin area specifically), I would highly recommend following Visit Austin TX and IGAustinTexas on Instagram. They are always posting fun events that are coming up and it’s a great opportunity to get out and explore and meet new people!

Photo Friday: Honeymoon Sneaks

We’ve been home a week from our honeymoon and I finally spent some time culling all of the photos I took over the two week period (over a thousand photos total). I wanted to share a few photos from the amazing places we visited while I wrote longer posts dedicated to each city. I can see below, I might have a bias towards one of the cities. We had such an amazing time, definitely learned a bit about the world and how we like to travel and we’re already looking forward to our next trip! Continue reading

Project Life: January 2015

Happy Wednesday, friends! I hope everyone’s week is going well and you’re starting to look forward to the weekend! One reason I wanted to start a blog was to share some of my project life layouts. I love being able to look at others layouts in order to gain some inspiration, perspective and learn a little bit more about someone.

I am currently working in the digital format. Part of that is honestly due to money. I already have Photoshop thanks to my parents and I had bought a few digital Project Life collections that I could use over and and over again without needing to be replaced. I also like that I can make the page fit the photos I have – if I need an extra 4×6, I can create one in place of 2 3×4 pockets. I plan to have a photo book printed once the year is complete. I do miss the physical aspect though – I’m a definite paper hoarder with my business cards and ticket stubs. I am scanning some of these and including them digitally, but I also hope to add a pocket to the book when it done so I can include some of those physical mementos.

I also plan to do some mini-albums through the year, especially for trips like our honeymoon and the #myselfiescrapbook project by Jen Lake and crew.

January was my first full month in Austin so we explored a lot and practically ate our way through the city!

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