Friday Five: Cherry Blossom Goals

3BlackCatCo_CUCB_GoalsIt’s Race Weekend! We’ve made it! It will be a busy weekend for me and I can’t wait to share it with you! Be sure to follow me on Twitter and Instagram Stories where I’ll be posting throughout the weekend! On Friday, I will be volunteering at t-shirt distribution at the expo and attending the volunteer appreciation dinner. On Saturday, as a race ambassador I was invited to the 45th Running Celebration Dinner. And then the race on Sunday with the Post-Race Brunch! Whew! I’m so excited! I have a few goals for the race and the weekend that are below! (and for those counting, that was just six exclamation marks in that paragraph…)

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Dopey Challenge 2017: 5K

20170105_035424 All four of us woke up dark and early (it was not even bright until after we finished running), and got ready for the 5K on Thursday morning. When we first registered for the challenge, I knew that the only race I could probably get Roswell and my brother to dress up for would be the 5K, so I immediately started thinking about what we could be. During an 8 mile treadmill run, I watched Hercules and I knew that was clearly going to be the inspiration for our DisneyBound costumes for the first race.  If you don’t know about DisneyBounding, I recommend checking out the DisneyBound queen Leslie Kay. Essentially, instead of a costume (because adults are banned from wearing costumes in Disney parks), you create an outfit inspired by a Disney character, place or even food! I pulled together a purple Megara outfit, we found Roswell a tan shirt and added tan wrist and  red head sweatbands for Hercules, and my brother wore all black and grey topped off with a blue hat for Hades. We tried to think of an outfit for my mom, but we ran out of time. Despite this, I was quite pleased with our group photo the morning of the race!


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Five ways to celebrate your race!

Fall marathon season is upon us. I enjoyed spectating at the Chicago marathon a few weeks ago, Marine Corps Marathon is this weekend and New York is following closely behind. I think that races and accomplishments of all sizes should be celebrated – whether it’s your first 5k or you set a personal record at your latest marathon. Aside from your bib and photos, I wanted to share a few other ways to commemorate your accomplishments!


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International Chicago 5K Race Recap

Even before I had bought my tickets to Chicago, I registered for the International Chicago 5K. I figured that, while I was doing everything I could to figure out how to get to Chicago, if it didn’t end up working out, I wouldn’t be out too much money. I am so glad that it did end up working out, because I had the best weekend in Chicago with my friends Rachel and Natalie!

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Dopey Challenge Training – Week 15

I had such a great recovery week this week! Since I’ve been working very hard at physical therapy and getting back in the swing of things with my training, I’ve been building mileage over the last few weeks. I decided that my trip to Chicago was a great time to take a recovery week since I wasn’t sure if I was going to get a longer run in and we already had a 5K planned while in Chicago.  Continue reading

Friday Five – Five Fall Races

Happy Friday friends! I am hopping on the Friday Five Linkup bandwagon. Every Friday, 3 DC area bloggers: Mar from Mar on the Run!, Cynthia at You Signed Up For What?! and Courtney from Eat Pray Run DC to host a fitness themed linkup.


Since it is my first time joining, I thought I would share some of the races I’m looking forward to this fall as I’m training towards my goal of the Dopey Challenge in January. i’m registered for a few of these while others I am interested in registering for but haven’t yet. Continue reading