Disneyland Double Dare 2017: Half Marathon Race Recap

IMG_20170903_041832_062After another early night, we were up before the sun again and getting ready for the second part of our Double Dare challenge. While waiting for the 10K on Saturday, the temperature wasn’t too bad – in the 70s – which was a nice change from the temperature at home. The moment we stepped out of our hotel room Sunday morning, we could feel the difference. There was absolutely no breeze and it was several degrees warmer than the day before.

I didn’t necessarily pick the best outfit for running in sunny 90° weather, with my all black costume. With the Toy Story theme, I wanted to find a great character to represent on the course – and immediately fell in love with Wheezy!  3bcc_disneylandhalf_wheezycostume

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Dopey Challenge 2017: WDW Marathon

Welcome to the final installment of my Dopey Challenge 2017 series! After the half marathon (or lack of half marathon) on Saturday, we relaxed around the resort and Disney Springs with a few friends who came to see us run the marathon the next day!

Before we knew it was it morning and we were up and heading to Epcot. After buying the race retreat during the Princess Half weekend a few years ago, I knew it was a good investment and BOY am I glad that we had somewhere warm to hang out because it WAS FREEZING. I definitely didn’t anticipate weather in the 30s with a crazy amount of wind, but I guess that is what the storm on Saturday brought in.

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Weekly Wrap: August 21-27

3BlackCatCo_Navy5Miler_Week15This last week was weird – I was a little off my schedule, thanks to wanting to spend ALL THE TIME with our new addition. Instead of heading to the gym in the evening, we headed home to play with Stack. I still managed to do a core/upper body workout on Monday, but by the middle of the week I’d lost my steam. The gym was closed for training Wednesday through Friday, meaning we couldn’t head there after work and I couldn’t run to work because I didn’t have a place to shower.

HOWEVER, Saturday morning, Roswell convinced me to head out for an easy run and it was the best idea ever. Definitely helped get my momentum back and I had a great long run on Saturday. I obviously can’t wait to board our plane on Friday for our long weekend at Disneyland! Anyone going to be there?! 
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Dopey Challenge 2017: Half Marathon


Next in the Dopey Challenge saga is the half marathon… As you may very well know, the half marathon was cancelled due to weather. After hearing stories about “Splash-n-Dash” and other close calls, I wasn’t surprised that this cancellation happened. Many runners have written about how the runDisney community came together so beautifully (like Linz at Sharp Endurance – one of my favorite posts). But let’s start at the beginning…
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Dopey Challenge 2017: 10K

With the Disneyland Half Marathon weekend rapidly approaching, I figured I would finally finish my race recaps for the other half of our Coast-to-Coast Challenge. I shared my Walt Disney World 5K race recap back in January… so August seems like a great time to finally share the rest of the weekend.

While I fully admit to telling Roswell and my brother what to wear for the 5K, you can imagine our surprise when we took a look at our running gear as we got ready to head out the door for the 10K on Friday morning. I think that we clearly were all channeling our inner-Minnie!

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Dopey Challenge 2017: 5K

20170105_035424 All four of us woke up dark and early (it was not even bright until after we finished running), and got ready for the 5K on Thursday morning. When we first registered for the challenge, I knew that the only race I could probably get Roswell and my brother to dress up for would be the 5K, so I immediately started thinking about what we could be. During an 8 mile treadmill run, I watched Hercules and I knew that was clearly going to be the inspiration for our DisneyBound costumes for the first race.  If you don’t know about DisneyBounding, I recommend checking out the DisneyBound queen Leslie Kay. Essentially, instead of a costume (because adults are banned from wearing costumes in Disney parks), you create an outfit inspired by a Disney character, place or even food! I pulled together a purple Megara outfit, we found Roswell a tan shirt and added tan wrist and  red head sweatbands for Hercules, and my brother wore all black and grey topped off with a blue hat for Hades. We tried to think of an outfit for my mom, but we ran out of time. Despite this, I was quite pleased with our group photo the morning of the race!


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Dopey Challenge Training – Weeks 26 & 27

The final weeks of Dopey Challenge training were bad in terms of actual running, but good in terms of strength training. I did exactly what everyone says not to do and introduced a personal trainer to my routine! I got a good 4 pack deal at the gym we joined recently and was able to work on some of my weaknesses. My concern was mainly that I didn’t want to end up injured by the end of the four days of running. I’d been experiencing IT band pain at the ends of my long runs and I was concerned it would sideline me during the longer races. With the personal trainer, we worked on a lot of core and single leg exercises that would allow me to gain some muscular balance. Overall, I think it paid off because I didn’t have any issues during the challenge.

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Dopey Challenge Training – Week 25

Taper is here! It wasn’t easy getting there. This week was hard in terms of training. But I just finished my longest run (but I still have 12 and 8 mile runs to go) for this training period. I didn’t hit the distance I wanted to cover, but I made some decisions and am happy with those (I’ll go into more detail in my recap below). Over the next week, I have a few runs planned as well as some cross training. I’m hoping there are a few yoga classes in my future as well!

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Dopey Challenge Training – Week 24

Things are starting to wind down in this training process. I’m hitting the point where I’m very tired from training, so I’m trying to make sure I’m getting enough sleep and eating right (though holiday cookies are calling my name!). With this week done, I only have one more long run in training before taper starts. Each week, the number of miles that gave me trouble in the middle of the training plan (12 miles in particular) seem easy compared to the 16 and 18 mile runs towards the end of the plan. This coming week will be my biggest stretch in training so far – another mini Dopey, this time four days in length, 2.5, 5, 10 and 18 miles. I also am aiming at at least two days of yoga and continuing my physical therapy exercises.

PS Time is running out for #CUCB2017 lottery. It closes at 11:59 pm on Monday 12/12! Enter here!

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