The Perfect Summer Shoes: Spray Dyed TOMS!

I shared this teaser on my instagram a few weeks ago and I’m so excited to show y’all the final product today!

The very first time that I wore my white TOMS was on our October Disney trip last year and I swear I hadn’t even been wearing them an hour before I managed to spill something on them. I tried to clean them up right away with a Tide to Go pen, but that just seemed to make the stain spread more! When I got home from the trip, I tried a ton of other stain removers and nothing helped. But despite the stain, I knew that I could turn these into awesome one of a kind TOMS! I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to creative TOMS so I had a hard time deciding what to do. 

I had seen an amazing spray tie dye tutorial by Brit + Co on Pinterest and knew that was exactly what I should do to make over my TOMS.


How to Spray Dye TOMS | 3 Black Cat Co.Following the directions in the Spray Dye Kit, I mixed the dye in the spray bottles and was ready to start dying.  How to Spray Dye TOMS | 3 Black Cat Co.

I made the mistake of lightly wetting the shoes before spraying the dye – DON’T DO THIS! I feel like it made some of the colors run together more than I would have liked. If I were to spray dye a project like this again, I definitely would start with dry shoes. I also took some time to tape off the soles and TOMS patch on the back of the shoes. This wasn’t really necessary for the soles, since they don’t hold the dye and washed out during that step anyway.

I picked my favorite summer color combo of yellow, orange and neon green. I started with the yellow since that was (what I thought was) the lightest color and then layered the orange and green. The green turned out to be as light, if not lighter, than the yellow so it didn’t show up as much as I would have liked.

Perfect Summer Shoes - Spray Dye TOMS! | 3 Black Cat Co.

Continue layering the colors until you achieve your desired look! Once you’ve reached that point, following the directions in the spray dye kit, wrap the shoes in plastic to keep them damp and let the shoes and dye sit as long as you would like. The kit says 6 to 8 hours. I only let mine sit for about 1 before washing since I was going for a faded, washed out look. Perfect Summer Shoes - Spray Dye TOMS! | 3 Black Cat Co.
Perfect Summer Shoes - Spray Dye TOMS! | 3 Black Cat Co.

Ready to wash! Rinse your shoes well with warm water to remove an excess dye. Then the step I was most nervous for – I put my TOMS in the washing machine on the gentle cycle in hot water. I followed the directions found here on the Shoe Digest and they worked!

The shoes looked great after I pulled them out and let them dry in the sun, except that the green was not as prevalent as I would have liked. So I grabbed the green dye spray bottle and added some additional green.

I, of course, needed to wear my shoes immediately after the dye dried! I can’t wait to wear these shoes all summer!

Perfect Summer Shoes - Spray Dye TOMS! | 3 Black Cat Co. Perfect Summer Shoes - Spray Dye TOMS! | 3 Black Cat Co.

Would you ever spray dye your shoes? Or is there something else in your house that needs the tie dye treatment?!

Comment below or share your projects on Instagram with the hashtag #3BlackCatCo!

How to Spray Dye TOMS | 3 Black Cat Co.

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