Weekly Recap: May 8 – 14

Hello again friends! It’s been another week. I’m mostly over my cold that hit a few weeks ago and starting to build back up my mileage. I’m starting Half marathon training this week so I’m looking forward to hitting the track! I’ll be following an old Distance Training Program plan that I have from running the Marine Corps marathon in 2012. I’ll be running 3 to 4 times a week (track workout, easy and long runs) and hopefully incorporating more cross training. I signed up for intermediate adult swim lessons starting the first week of June. I know how to swim, but I’m not a very efficient swimmer; so I’m looking forward to working on my stroke and breathing techniques.

I feel like changing my heart rate zones made a huge difference! Previously, I felt like I could barely run without hitting zone 4 (which made me feel like I was reaching). But I could actually run within zone 3 and not have to stop to walk to let my heart rate lower. And a big difference in terms of my average pace (17:51 & 16:39 a few weeks ago to 15:40 & 15:26 this week). I’ve got time goals for my half marathon this fall so I can’t wait to see that pace go even lower!

Monday 5/8: 2.49 mi (39:02) 15:40 min/mi
[W04D2-Intervals: Run easy, Z3, 5 minutes. Walk, Z2, 3 minutes. Repeat 3 times. ]
Avg HR: 144 bpm (2.7) | Aerobic TE: 4.0 (Highly Improving Aerobic Fitness)

Tuesday 5/9: Rest

Wednesday 5/10: 2.47 mi (38:03) 15:26 min/mi
[W05D4-Intervals: Walk, Z2, 5 minutes. Run easy, Z3, 5 minutes. Repeat 2 times. 3 times.]
Avg HR: 
145 bpm (2.8) | Aerobic TE: 4.1 (Highly Improving Aerobic Fitness)

Thursday 5/11: Rest

Friday 5/12: Rest

Saturday 5/13: 1 hour walk with my friend Erin!

Sunday 5/14: 1.25 mi (19:39) 15:42 min/mi
[W05D7-Easy Run: Run easy, Z2, 15 minutes. • Cool down, 5-10 minutes.]
Avg HR: 141 bpm (2.5) | Aerobic TE: 3.1 (Improving Aerobic Fitness)

Just an easy run on Sunday afternoon to wrap up the week!


Total mileage for the week: 6.21 miles


Linking up this week with the Weekly Wrap, hosted by Hoho Runs and MissSippiPiddlin!

5 thoughts on “Weekly Recap: May 8 – 14

  1. HoHo Runs says:

    I love blue flowers because they are the rarest of all the colors. I’ve tweaked my HR zones too as it feels discouraging to always be in the upper zone (using typical presets) especially when the run feels easy. I need to take an adult swim class. I’m sure it would help my pitiful triathlon swimming times. Thanks for linking, Heather!

    • heathermundwiler says:

      I never thought about that, but you’re right, I don’t see too many blue flowers! Now I’m going to have stop and photograph every time I see one! We’ll see about swim class – I’m currently the only one registered so I’m hoping they don’t cancel it!

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