Weekly Wrap: August 14-20


Another positive week! I walked or ran 4 days to work, the only day I took the shuttle was a day that it happened to storm. I also continued strength training without my personal trainer, staying motivated to get stronger to help with my running. I made it back to the track – I had stopped going because I was following a different plan for speed work and it was a little weird to be going to a group training and do a different workout. Since I’ve decided to drop back my distance, I decided that a little bit of speed work and socialization was just what I needed! In personal news, we welcome another member to our family this week and he’s just a little ball of energy! 

Monday 8/14: AM: Walk Commute (2.5 miles)| PM: Upper Body Strength Training (60:00)20170814_172729

Warm up (10 minutes bike)
Bench press (warm up with bar 10, 50# 3×10)
Assisted pull ups (130# 3×10)
Push ups (3×10) – using bar in a rack (7th rung)
Dumbbell Bicep curls (10# 3×10)
Row (42.5# 3×10)
Tricep pressdown (17.5# 3×10)

Tuesday 8/15: PGRC Track Workout 3.18 mi (54:12) 17:03 min/mi

1 mile warm up, plus 3 rounds of:
1:30 hard, :30 active recovery x3
3:00 complete recovery.

My average paces for the hard intervals were [9:06 (TOO FAST!), 9:48, 10:18], [10:01, 9:52, 9:56], [10:18, 10:32, 10:10]. I was clearly tired on the third round, and the group did a fourth round that I used as a cool down.

That’s an interesting place to lock up your bike. #seenonmywalk

Wednesday 8/16: AM: Walk commute (2.5 miles) | PM: Lower Body Strength Training (60:00)

Warm up (10 minutes elliptical)
Alternating lunges: 3 x 10 each side
single leg squats: 3 x 10 each side
stepups: 3 x 10 each side
hip thrusts: 3 x 10
hamstring curl: 15# 3 x 10
leg press: 10 x (90#, 110#, 130#)
deadlifts: 30# 3 x 10

Thursday 8/17: 2.35 mi (35:52) 15:15 min/mi (Run:Walk – 10:1)


Friday 8/18: AM: Walk commute (2.5 miles) | PM: NTC Ab Burner 2.0 (15:00)


Saturday 8/19: Rest Day!

After running errands on Saturday, Roswell and I popped into a local pet store, just to browse. They had several kittens from a local rescue group and, of course, we had to play with them. We met one little guy, Polo, who was very mellow and chill and we started thinking that we might be ready for a third cat again. After getting home, Roswell almost immediately turned back around to the pet store to fill out an adoption application. 20170819_134250

Sunday 8/20: 5.00 mi (1:14:49) 14:57 min/mi (Run:Walk – 5:2)

Our Sunday plans got shaken up because we got word from the rescue group that we could schedule a home visit that afternoon, so we got our long run done and got to cleaning the house in anticipation of our new arrival!

Introducing Smokestack, AKA Stack:


While he is chill when he’s chill, he’s also full of energy as we discovered when he started to feel comfortable around us. He’s staying in one of our extra bedrooms as he gets used to us and then we’ll slowly introduce him to the girls. We specifically wanted a male cat, knowing that is hard to bring in an outside female when you already have one (and we have two!). We’re already in love with the little guy and I hope you guys like cat pictures, cause you can expect to see his face around here!

Total mileage for the week:  10.53 miles (plus 7.5 miles walking)

Training plan this week:
Monday: AM Walk commute & PM Strength – Upper Body
Tuesday: PM Track Workout
Wednesday: AM Walk commute & PM Strength – Lower Body
Thursday: AM Swim? My regular gym is closed in the morning, so I’m not sure I’ll be able to run to work
Friday: Walk commute & PM Core Workout
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: Long Run


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  1. HoHo Runs says:

    Awwww….Stack is very handsome. Kudos for keeping up with your strength training without your personal trainer. Also, I’m very envious of the fact you can walk or run to work if you want to!

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