Weekly Wrap: August 7-13

3BlackCatCo_NAFHALF_Week13Hello friends! Thank you to everyone who stopped by last week while I was guest hosting the Weekly Wrap,wonderfully hosted by Hoho Runs and MissSippiPiddlin. They aren’t kidding when they say it’s a ton of reading! But I discovered so many blogs that I enjoyed reading and have added their authors on Twitter or Instagram so I can continue to follow along!

I felt so much more positive this week! Thank you to everyone who left comments and suggestions last week. I chilled out with three runs, two strength training sessions and even did a fascia release workshop at a yoga studio (that I ran to!). Overall, it was a much more positive week than being down in the dumps lately. I think a lot of that is due to taking the pressure off of myself for the Navy Air Force Half. I haven’t officially transferred races yet and I clearly need to update my graphics, but I think this is definitely the right move for my ability and mental sanity right now!

Monday 8/7: 1.87 miles (30:00) 16:02 min/mi plus 15 minutes of NTC Open Rotation

I did intervals on the treadmill of running 2 minutes and walking 2 minutes. I’m loosely following this plan, loosely because I still have the Disneyland Double Dare challenge coming up and then I’ll be running the Navy 5 Miler.

Tuesday 8/8: Personal Training: Lower Body (60:00)

For my last two sessions, my personal trainer mixed it up a bit to give me some more options & knowledge when I’m on my own next week. One of the moves I’m most improved over the last six weeks has been my lunges. The first day my balance was so off that I couldn’t do alternating lunges without wobbling all over the place. Today, I did walking lunges with no problem! Yay progress!

Walking lunges (3×10)
Squat with overhead press 5# dumbbells (3×10)
Weighted step ups 5#dumbbells (3×10) hard!
Standing hamstring curl 15# (3×10)
[10 Split jumping squats + 10 goblet squats with kettlebell] x3

Wednesday 8/9: 2.36 mi (34:18) 14:32 min/mi

Easy run commute to work – alternating 10 minutes of running with 1 minute of walking, still following the plan I linked to above.

Thursday 8/10: Personal Training: Upper Body (60:00)

Another area of improvement we concentrated on was my push ups – and I definitely saw progress there. My goal as I start to work on my own will be to transition from knee push ups (the standard for the fitness assessment) to regular push ups.

Warm up
Push ups (30, 17, 10)
1 minute mountain climbers
Bench tricep dips (3×10)
1 minute burpees
Dumbbell Bicep curls 10# (3×10)
Lever assisted Bench press (3×10)
Assisted pull ups 130# (3×10)

Friday 8/11: AM: Walk Commute 2.5 miles | PM: Fitness Assessment

Friday evening I had my second fitness assessment! (if you need a reminder of my first fitness assessment – you can find it here!). The area we saw the most progress in was the push ups. During my first assessment, I did 16 push ups and, for my second, I blew that out of the water with 36! My sit and reach was still pitful (but I also secretly wonder if my personal trainer was measuring that correctly since there are three different sets of numbers on the board… oh well). I can definitely tell that I’ve gained a good foundation of strength that will allow me to continue with my training!fitasses2

Saturday 8/12: 3.53 mi (50:12) 14:13 min/mi + Happy Smiling Fascia Workshop

On Saturday, I went for my “long” run (where I alternated between 5 minutes of running and 2 minutes of walking) and planned a route that would end up at a nearby yoga studio where I met Roswell to attend a fascia release workshop. It was a good workshop and we learned some new techniques, but the set up was a little awkward as it was out in the common area of the studio, so people were walking by to the restrooms and to exit, etc.

Sunday 8/13: Volunteering at Prince George’s Running Club Women’s Distance Festival 5K

Volunteering is a passion of mine and Roswell has mentioned wanted to be more active in volunteering at races. So we woke up extra early on Sunday to course marshal at the Prince George’s Running Club Women’s Distance Festival 5K. When we arrived in the parking lot though, there was NO ONE in sight. The address given on the website wasn’t exactly the address we were at, but we had gone to the building specified (an ice rink). Worried we were in the wrong place, we drove around a bit, but finding no one, we made our way back to the ice rink. Where, of course, people had finally started showing up. We headed over to the registration table and said we were there to course marshal and found that we were on the wrong side of the street! Finally we made our way to where the finish line was and the club was setting up. We stood around awkwardly while we waited for anyone to talk to us. Seriously, I tried to ask the one person I recognized (and who was the volunteer coordinator for the race) and she literally walked away from me anytime I approached. Now I obviously don’t think this was intentional, just ironic.

As a volunteer, and a NEW volunteer for this organization, it was extremely unwelcoming to just be standing around with no one saying anything to us. If you (as a race director or volunteer coordinator) know you have a new volunteer coming (and you had a hard time recruiting volunteers), please make an effort to at least introduce yourself if you see a face you don’t recognize. Okay, no more soapbox.

Finally we were off to course to man our stations with our bright vests and flags. It was a relatively small race but it was the graduation for the club’s running start program, so it was so awesome to see new runners out there, some of them completing their first 5K. Everyone I saw was friendly and so many of them said thank you as they passed by.


After we got home, I got to work on my Disneyland weekend running costumes. I picked characters from each of the races themed – but I tried to pick ones that weren’t the main characters. Any guesses?

Total mileage for the week:  10.14 miles

Training plan this week:
Monday: AM Walk commute & PM Strength – Upper Body
Tuesday: AM Walk commute & PM Track Workout
Wednesday: AM Swim & PM Strength – Lower Body
Thursday: AM Recovery Run
Friday: Rest? Walk commute?
Saturday/Sunday: Long Run – haven’t quite decided on the weekend yet!


Linking up this week with the Weekly Wrap, hosted by Hoho Runs and MissSippiPiddlin and guest host Michelle at Running With Attitude.

Also joining Courtney over at Eat Pray Run DC for her marathon/half marathon training linkup!

14 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap: August 7-13

  1. Chaitali says:

    I’m glad to hear this week felt more positive! And yay for the improvement in lunges. I still wobble all over the place when I do them. I’ve got to work on that. That’s too bad about the volunteer experience and lack of communication 🙁

  2. Janelle @ Run With No Regrets says:

    You had a great week! Nice job with your workouts! I am pretty awful at lunges and struggle with balance; it’s great to see your improvements!

    And that’s too bad about the rude race organizers. Volunteering is a thankless job sometimes. At least the runners appreciated you out there!

  3. HoHo Runs says:

    That is sad about not being welcomed as a volunteer. As hard as it is to get volunteers, you would think the race organizers would pay special attention to that. Great job on those push ups. That is something I am NOT good at. I haven’t seen those Disney movies in a long time…I have no idea about the characters. You’ll have to tell us.

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