Weekly Wrap: December 11-17

Two big lottery announcements took place this week (at least two that I was concerned about!). But first, let me tell you a story. A few weeks ago, Roswell and I sat down on the couch to watch the New York City marathon. As we watched Shalane Flanagan triumphantly cross the finish line, I may have teared just a little bit.  Okay, a lot of bit. In our marathon hangover, we immediately started discussing running another marathon and major one at that. And in our stupor, we both signed up for the Chicago Marathon lottery.

The next day, I totally regretted this decision and when tried a few times to pull my submission, but I could never figure out how. But I thought that I had very little chance of getting in and hoped that if one of us got in, it would be Roswell. Fast forward to December 12, I started watching my inbox and credit card for pending charges. Roswell got his email first (he got in) – and I noticed a charge on my credit card, so I thought I was in as well. I had forgotten that we had used the same credit card to register… so I was on a bit of a roller coaster all day. However, shortly before lunch, I got my email that I had also gotten into the marathon! So folks – we’re going to Chicago!

I’m nervous about training through the summer since my training this past summer was awful.  Thankfully I have Credit Union Cherry Blossom training starting in January to help me build a base (and possibly work towards a spring half marathon PR?!) and I want to ride that wave through marathon training.

Are you running Chicago?! Leave me all your Chicago running tips below!

Monday 12/11
1.02 mi (15:16) 14:56 min/mi | Forgot my heart rate monitor at home

This is the first time I truly didn’t want to go run – my legs were still sore and twitchy from my personal training session on Friday. But I didn’t want a repeat of two Mondays ago when I ran AFTER dinner and the side stitches were more painful than my legs.

Tuesday 12/12
1.78 mi (30:04) 16:51 min/mi | Avg HR: 124 bpm | Max HR: 154 bpm

Wednesday 12/13
2.19 mi (30:03)13:44 min/mi| Avg HR: 147 bpm | Max HR: 174 bpm

I was going to do this at lunch, but that didn’t happen. Thankfully, Roswell was willing to meet me at the track and keep me company in the cold while I got my workout in! The workout was supposed to  be “Run in Z4, 3 minutes. Run/walk in Z2, 1.5 minutes. Repeat 7x.” but I only managed 4 repeats. It was cold and dark and I was happy to get any miles in.

Thursday 12/14
1.12 mi (16:05) 14:18 min/mi | Avg HR: 143 bpm | Max HR: 160 bpm

I attempted a very easy mile – but there a few too many hills in my neighborhood to be truly easy.

Friday 12/15
1.97 mi (32:27) 16:30 min/mi | Avg HR: 137 bpm | Max HR: 173 bpm

I made sure to get my mile in as my warm up for my first personal training session in a while. I figure strength training should start being a priority again if I’ve got PRs to chase.

Saturday 12/16
1.14 mi (14:36) 12:50 min/mi| Avg HR: 145 bpm | Max HR: 165 bpm

Sunday 12/17
4.41 mi (1:02:27) 14:10 min/mi | Avg HR: 145 bpm | Max HR: 173 bpm

I did a little threshold running at the end of my long run – 45 minutes in Z2, with the last mile in Z4 (it should have been 15 minutes, but I didn’t calculate my route well enough). My last mile was 11:20!

Thank you to my secret holiday blog swap partner, Lacey from Fairytales and Fitness! I love the headband and may have immediately put it on to go out on a run! (spoiler: I did exactly that!)

Total mileage for the week:  13.63 miles


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