Weekly Wrap: Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, friends! I realize it’s nearly the end of January but since this is my first post this year, I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to wish you a happy new year!

I did take a bit of time off unintentionally, as the end of last year and the start of this year has been busy! Since my last post, I finished the RW Run Streak, traveled to Chicago and Gaitlinburg, and taken a (probably too) long break from running. I thought I would recap a few of those and then talk about 2018!


I successfully completed 40 days of running – through all sorts of weather and even on vacation.

I ran a total of 87 miles, including 60 miles in the month of December which made it my highest mile month in 2017. I started the run streak with SOME’s Turkey Trot for Hunger 5K with a time of 38:11 and finished the streak with PR’s New Years Day 5K with a time of 32:22.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t as excited as I could (should?) be about the New Years 5K because the course had to be changed due to ice – and my watch only read 2.86 miles. Even though when I use map my run it comes out to the full 5K, I wish that was reflected on my watch. There’s just a feeling of doubt that I actually took off nearly 6 minutes in 40 days. Oh well.

Running Break

Immediately following the end of the run streak, I took a break and didn’t run for two weeks! I don’t know that I intended to take that much time off, but I took a few days off, then it got REALLY COLD (#bombcyclone), then our pipes froze and we were without water for three days. So a few days turned into two weeks.

However, while Roswell and I were in Gaitlinburg, we made plans to run in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, which kick starting my running again!

2018 Plans and goals

I’ve never been one to pick a word for a year. I’m envious of those who do – the focus needed to carry on something for 365 days when I can barely focus on things for more than a week or two. Yes, I can follow a training program but thinking about how one word can affect your entire year in various aspects is always more than I can commit to.

However, I was thinking about all of the things I want to accomplish this year and I just thought to myself, I’ve got to WORK. I can’t lose sight half way through, I need to put in the work. Work is a great word to think about when it comes to my goals this year.

My big goal this year is to PR my marathon time. My current personal record stands at 5:36:52 from the 2012 Marine Corps Marathon, which was my first marathon (of only two) and it didn’t go as I had planned. I had stomach issues and made quite a few stops along the way. I would love to spend this year working towards a BIG PR. My current plan includes using my CUCB training to act as “spring training”  and prepare for marathon training this summer.

In addition to running, I’m also starting to take a few online classes to start towards a second master’s degree. So on top of my volunteer gig, job and running – I’m adding some more work to my plate! I do have a tendency to work better when I’m busier and need to organize my time. When I have too much time, I tend to relax a little too hard and procrastinate.


Linking up this week with the Weekly Wrap, hosted by Hoho Runs and Wendy from Taking the Long Way Home.

The PR Training Programs Cherry Blossom kick off is this weekend and then the next weekend, we officially start our CUCB Training Link up! I hope you’ll come back and join us!

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  1. HoHo Runs says:

    Congratulations on the running streak! I love the Smoky Mountains area. We honeymooned in Gatlinburg many moons ago and have returned a few times since. I didn’t go looking for a word but I found I kept saying I wanted to be “unbroken” . So there is. And I like how it can imply in spirit, in mind or in body. I look forward to following along as you reach your goal of PR’ing the marathon distance! Thanks for linking.

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