Weekly Wrap: November 20-26

We have officially started our run streak and, 4 days in, we’re still going. The real challenge starts today (Monday) with the return to work and making time for a run. Thankfully, with both Roswell and I committed to the streak, we will be able to hold each other accountable.

Are you participating in the RWRunStreak this year (or have you in the past)? Or are you a regular streaker?

PS Roswell’s post is finally ready and scheduled for first thing tomorrow – so I’ll hope you’ll come back and check it out!

Monday 11/20 | Tuesday 11/21 | Wednesday 11/22
Resting up for starting the run streak on Thursday! I don’t know if it was really just not running for two weeks, but I felt like I was still trying to recover from whatever cold I had.

20171122_091425Instead, I will just leave this photo of Stack being all cuddly and adorable

Thursday 11/23
SOME’s Trot for Hunger 3.12 mi (38:11) 12:14 min/mi | Avg HR: 170 bpm | Max HR: 190 bpm
Thank you to CoCo from Got2Run4Me for your support!

IMG_cejybn IMG_-u3vzbq IMG_fiq3bi
Friday 11/24
2.46 mi (32:02) 13:00 min/mi |  Avg HR: 159 bpm | Max HR: 179 bpm
Plus Quick Strength for Runners (*affiliate link*) – Core & Hips I

#RWRunStreak Day 2 Quick Strength for Runners
Saturday 11/25
1.13 mi (16:34) 14:41 min/mi | Avg HR: 147 bpm | Max HR: 166 bpm

I was feeling pretty sore after the last two days, I just did an easy mile today – we had a busy day planned any way, so it was nice to just get the mile done and over with.

In addition to sharing my runs on Strava, Twitter and Instagram stories, Roswell and I are also using a visual representation of the run streak with these fun comic Super Hero themed stickers for our calendar. (And yes, we totally make the sound when we put up the sticker.)

Sunday 11/26
1.10 mi (15:36) 14:11 min/mi | Avg HR: 144 bpm | Max HR: 155 bpm

My heart rate was still a little high on yesterday’s run, so I did another easy mile – this time with the goal to stay in Zone 2 for as much of the run as I could. With the exception of a few hills, I stayed in Z2, even while going a bit faster than yesterday.

Total mileage for the week: 7.93 miles

Training plan this week:
Monday: 1 mile run + Quick Strength for Runners
Tuesday: 6:2 Intervals
Wednesday: 1 mile run + Quick Strength for Runners
Thursday: 2:1 Intervals
Friday: 1 mile run
Saturday: 30 minute run
Sunday: Christmastown Dash 8K


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  1. HoHo Runs says:

    I’ve never participated in a running streak. I think having a spouse to share it with would definitely make it easier to stay accountable. I love the sticker idea on the calendar. And the noises! LOL. Thanks for linking!

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