Weekly Wrap: November 27 – December 10

I woke up to some AMAZING news this morning – I have been selected to be a Nuun Hydration ambassador for 2018! I am super excited to represent Nuun in 2018 – it has been my go to since it was first introduced to me by my Running 101 coach! I love that it is made with plant based ingredients and helps replenish electrolytes after run. I usually end up drinking it on a daily basis to help avoid dehydration!

The last two weeks have been incredibly busy! I’ve kept up with my run streak – and while my 1 mile days are out numbering my 1+ mile days, I truly do feel like I’m learning to make time for running and hope I’ll be able to continue this after my run streak to incorporate some crossing training. (Who knows, maybe I’ll try a Yoga Streak in the new year!). I ran my second race of my run streak, and it was ROUGH – but it feels like a turning point and it has gotten easier every day since that race.

Are you running a holiday race? Tell me all about it in the comments! 

Monday 11/27
1.03 mi (16:17) 15:47 min/mi | Avg HR: 141 bpm | Max HR: 162 bpm
I made the mistake of waiting until after we ate dinner and grocery shopped – I had such bad side stitches!

Tuesday 11/28
3.02 mi (42:50) 14:10 min/mi | Forgot my heart rate monitor at home

Ran 6:2 intervals  at the track during lunch. I was supposed to run four, but ended up with only three since I had to get back to work!

Wednesday 11/29
2.22 mi (36:48) 16:35 min/mi | Avg HR: 139 bpm | Max HR: 168 bpm

Run commute home – it sure gets dark out there quickly in the winter months!

Thursday 11/30
1.73 mi (30:00) 17:19 min/mi | Avg HR: 128 bpm | Max HR: 157 bpm

Early morning at the gym. I made sure to get my mile in early today because I was heading downtown for the Credit Union Cherry Blossom Fall Kick off party!

Friday 12/1
1.51 mi (24:08) 16:00 min/mi | Avg HR: 135 bpm | Max HR: 171 bpm

I was planning to run during lunch at work since Roswell and I were hitting the road immediately after work to head to Williamsburg. However, that didn’t happen and I ended up running on the treadmill at the hotel around 8pm. Whatever it takes, right?

Saturday 12/2
1.39 mi (20:03) 14:28 min/mi | Avg HR: 142 bpm | Max HR: 157 bpm

One of my most fun runs so far, I ran around Colonial Williamsburg on Saturday morning. It was great seeing all of the Christmas decorations and a few other runners as well!

Sunday 12/3 – Christmastown Dash 8K
5.14 mi (1:07:47) 13:11 min/mi | Avg HR: 160 bpm | Max HR: 177 bpm

I’ll just say this was not my favorite race. It started with a few miles outside the park through the parking lots. I get that (I will run on highways to run through Disney). We entered the park, and it was A LOT of fun. We had gone to Christmastown the night before so we had a bit of a preview. After another mile or so, we exit the park for another few parking lot miles including TWO out and backs. At one point, we crossed a bridge that overlooked the finish line, and I thought that was just cruel! I think I was a bit worn out from the week plus of running, that by the time I was crossing that bridge (knowing I’d have to turn around and cross it again), I just started walking. I finished faster than my Navy 5 mile time, which is a bonus, but it just didn’t feel great and I don’t know that I would sign up for this race again.

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Total mileage for the week: 16.04 miles
Total mileage for November: 21.05 miles

Monday 12/4
1.01 mi (13:29) 13:25 min/m | Avg HR: 144 bpm | Max HR: 154 bpm

Back at the track for an easy recovery mile after the 8K.

Tuesday 12/5
1.82 mi (30:07) 16:33 min/mi | Avg HR: 119 bpm | Max HR: 150 bpm

Easy treadmill mile before some Quick Strength for Runners exercises.

Wednesday 12/6
2.41 mi (31:47) 13:12 min/mi | Avg HR: 149 bpm | Max HR: 175 bpm

Track after work – again it got dark quickly. Thankfully, I had the college triathlon team literally running laps around me, but at least I wasn’t alone on the dark track. My scheduled workout was 15 minutes in Zone 4 with 5 minutes recovery, twice. I ran the first 15 AWESOMEly – including my first sub 11 minute mile since the summer. However, after that, I started to feel wobbly and the triathlon team was leaving, so I decided to call it a day.

Thursday 12/7
1.79 mi (30:22) 17:01 min/mi | Avg HR: 121 bpm | Max HR: 151 bpm

Easy treadmill mile before some Quick Strength for Runners exercises. I ended up cutting my workout short because I knew I was meeting with my personal trainer Friday evening, and I knew being sore for that would be AWFUL.

Friday 12/8
1.25 mi (19:06) 15:15 min/mi | Avg HR: 142 bpm | Max HR: 163 bpm
1 hour personal training – legs and abs circuit

Quick treadmill mile before working out with my trainer – she killed my quads and I’m still walking funny three days later.

Saturday 12/9
1.01 mi (13:40) 13:30 min/mi | Avg HR: 146 bpm | Max HR: 157 bpm

It snowed! I needed to take my #WeRunSocial ornament and Blogger #HolidayCardSwap to the post office and I needed to get my mile, so I ended up walking to the post office and running home.

Sunday 12/10
2.09 mi (34:48) 16:39 min/mi | Avg HR: 128 bpm | Max HR: 163 bpm

Just another easy run – it was lovely with all of the snow. It’s mostly melted now.

Total mileage for the week: 11.37 miles


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3 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap: November 27 – December 10

  1. Chaitali says:

    Sounds like a great couple weeks! Running around Williamsburg does sound like it would be fun but that’s too bad about the race. Having it go over a bridge overlooking the finish does seem a bit mean.

  2. Lacey@fairytalesandfitness says:

    Congratulations on becoming a Nuun Ambassador. I was one a few years ago and they didn’t give me anything. Surely I thought I would at least get a free bottle of Nuun. Maybe things have changed since then. Congrats on your Christmastown 8k even though it wasn’t your favorite.

  3. HoHo Runs says:

    Congratulations for staying strong with your running streak. I can only imagine how pretty running in Colonial Williamsburg is. We enjoyed our visit a few years ago. It’s too bad about the course for your 8k You’d think it would have been a bit more scenic with the name Christmastown. Thanks for linking!

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