Weekly Wrap: November 6 – 19

So the last two weeks have not been very active. While I started strong by attending BodyPump (on a Monday no less), it quickly went downhill from there as I struggled with low energy fighting off whatever cold or illness my body had picked up. Thankfully, I’m starting to feel normal again and will hopefully get back into the swing of things this week.

Instead of a daily recap, I thought I would share some exciting (non-fitness) things that I did the last two weeks and what I’m looking forward to accomplishing before the new year.

Last weekend, I saw the brand new Broadway bound musical, Mean Girls, at the National Theater. I think that they did a great job updating the show with social media and current events, but keeping the same favorite lines that everyone has come to love.

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This past weekend, I spent the weekend out in the rain and cold to support Roswell run his first 50 miler! He is typing up his race recap as I’m typing this, so I’m excited to have him on the blog last this week sharing his experience! I also am planning on writing up my thoughts on how you can support your ultra runner during a race like the JFK 50 Mile.

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This Thursday, I am running a turkey trot and raising funds for So Others Might Eat – I am 50% to my goal of $100. If you would like to help me reach my goal and support the fight to end poverty, hunger and homelessness, you can make a donation on my page!

Also starting on Thursday, I will be hopping on the Run Streak bandwagon with the Runner’s World Run Streak. From Thanksgiving Day to New Year’s Day, I plan on running at least one mile every day. I’ve heard it said many times… in order to become a better runner, you have to run. So I’m hoping this challenge will help me develop a consistent habit of making time to get at least a mile in daily. This will be particularly challenging as Roswell and I are travelling to Chicago over winter break – who has tips for running on vacation and/or in the freezing cold?!

Roswell and I will be starting the run streak with the Turkey Trot and finishing with a New Years Day 5K in Reston – I’m looking forward to seeing my progress over the 40 days!

Are you running a Turkey Trot this year?
Have you ever done a run streak challenge before? How did it go?

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3 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap: November 6 – 19

  1. Chaitali says:

    That’s so impressive that Roswell did a 50 miler! I look forward to both your posts on it 🙂 I signed up for a Turkey Trot for the first time this year and am looking forward to it 🙂 I’m dragging Mike and my dad along with me.

  2. Coco says:

    Looks like you already met your SOME goal but I made a donation to pay for the days I missed in my plank challenge. 🙂 I didn’t know Roswell was doing a 50 miler – wow!

  3. HoHo Runs says:

    Our local Turkey Trot is held the Saturday before Thanksgiving. So, it was the same day I ran a half. But I just heard our Fleet Feet will begin one on The Day next year…finally! Congrats to Roswell. That is an amazing accomplishment. It’s a great idea you are beginning and ending your holiday streak with a race! Thanks for linking.

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